Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tribal accent

when i saw this Merona wallet (above) at Target for $12.99 i knew i had to have it.  i did not need a new wallet, but perhaps i could use this as a clutch?   i was even happier with my purchase when i came home that night and discovered a page in my Marie Claire magazine featuring very similar Kotur clutch. 
sorry i don't have a better picture, but below is a page from Marie Claire (February 2011) with Kotur clutches in the bottom left corner.  according to the magazine, these clutches are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus for $375.

Kotur clutches in Marie Claire February 2011


  1. What a fun pattern! I wouldn't have passed it up either!

  2. I love the tribal accent!
    I totally agree with you on my hair...I'm not completely happy with the colour yet, it's too yellow, but I'm kinda going blonde gradually, so if I can ever get it to the shade I actually want, and I'm not happy I can always dye it back!!

  3. i love the pattern. i haven't been to target in a while...i'm excited to check it out and see what's in store!!



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