Sunday, January 9, 2011

need faith

I have been thinking whether or not to do this post...  and decided to go ahead.
I am having all four wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and I am really nervous.  Not about the procedure, but I am afraid this might not help me.
I have been suffering from excruciating facial pain for almost 13 years now.   For the past five years it's been almost every day.  I've been first diagnosed with atypical facial neuralgia then migraine, then neuralgia again.  Bottom line - after many visits to country's best doctors,drugs and procedures I'm still in pain.  I honestly don't know how to go on if this does not help.  This blog brings some joy to my life.  Creative "distraction"  from my condition if you will.  So thank you for that.
I've spent almost all Christmas and New Year in bed.  Needless to say, I won't feel like blogging after my surgery, but hope all goes well, I am pain free (would't it be a miracle!) and I will continue this blog.  Here is a sneak peek of what's to come:

DIY studded white clutch, black tassel


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry. I'll be thinking of you, I hope it helps. Good luck with pulling the teeth.

    Bag is fantastic. You're even fabulous in spite of it all.

  2. I was excited to see you had a new post. I was truly worried. You were posting regularly then nothing. I thought maybe you went on vacation to Georgia and forgot to mention it.

    This part scared me: "I honestly don't know how to go on if this does not help." I hope you mean the blog. Sorry, not trying to get personal. I wish you the best and hope you come out painfree after recovery time (post-wisdom teeth extraction is no fun). Just shows that we never know what a person is going through, especially someone with such a beautiful contagious smile.

    Take care! Please do let us know-how you're doing.

  3. I missed your posts, and wondered what was the matter.I am sure everything will be ok.
    All the best for the op. and fingers crossed.

  4. I had been wondering where you were, Maya! Best wishes for the surgery tomorrow. I sincerely hope it solves your facial pain problems. It really sounds awful - I really feel for you.

  5. I have heard people having their wisdom teeth pulled really has helped them so I am sure the Doctors think it will help you too. Big virtual hug Maya, and hope to see you well very soon xx

  6. I am so sorry! I had no idea!! I really hope everything goes well and I will be thinking of you.

  7. Maya, I am going to say a prayer for you right now! I hope to see you return with your great voice very soon!

  8. I'll be thinking of you today, with fingers crossed.
    Fabulous bag, by the way, and very glam nails to boot.

  9. Maya,
    As someone who lives with chronic pain (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) my heart goes out to you. I pray that the surgery brings your some relief. I'll send good thoughts.


  10. Goodness! I feel your pain literally because I had TMJ so severe that I had to have all my wisdom teeth out also when I was 24. They had to be chisled out because they never came in. IT WORKED! I wanted to tell you that the pain stopped! You will be shocked and amazed!!!! now and again I have jaw pain but it's only now and again and nothing like it was! Best wishes and I know you will be a trooper!

  11. Best wishes and all my prayers to you! I am sure everything will turn all right and you will be pain-free shortly. I had all my 4 wisdom teeth out many years ago, and everything went fine, I wish the same to you and a prompt recovery!!

  12. best wishes to you. hope you recover soon and are painfree after the surgery :)

    Love, G

  13. Hope everything went well with having your wisdom teeth out and that you are well on your way to being pain free. I've missed your posts and can't wait to see what you've been up to!

  14. Good luck with your extractions... I know it's awful, and I really hope they solve your problem. See you online soon!

  15. Did everything go ok????
    Thinking of you!!!

  16. Missed you. Hope the surgery went OK and it really fixes your facial pain issues. Quick and speedy recovery to you. Pls continue when you can.



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