Sunday, December 5, 2010

little black lace dress (Sunday's best)

i recently purchased this black lace dress and really wanted to wear it today.  but with snow and cold temperature i needed a pretty warm coat over it.  borrowed this persian lamb and mink coat from my mom (the coat is old from Georgia).  i tried to play accessories and makeup down.  the beaded purse came from Goodwill and i paid $1 for it!!!  my pictures don't really do justice for this dress.  it has beautiful rose design, flower shoulder detail and a  long zipper in the back.  and what's really important it was only $24.99 at Ross!

in the picture below you can see the length of the coat.  and no, i was not mad or angry.  was just trying to concentrate while my mom was snapping pictures for me.  i was at my folks' house making some phone calls for them.  they speak English but still are very shy about calling places...

black lace dress - Ross
black shoes - Payless
persian lamb and mink coat - mom's
beaded purse - Goodwill $1
lipstick - Loreal Captivating Copper #802
eyeshadow - Revlon Color Stay Sterling Rose
nail polish - Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic
ring, bracelet - ?

also, i was playing with my hair today attempting a side chignon.  the result was nothing like i wanted but this was my first try.  so hopefully i'll get better next time :)  you can see the tutorial here.


  1. Love your dress -- you look so elegant, and wow, what a gorgeous coat!

  2. The dress is just beautiful, glad you played the accessories down and let the dress speak for itself! Also, you did a great job with the hair! It looks so glamours but not over done!

  3. That dress is divine and such a deal. Love the coat you look so DIVA.

  4. Pretty dress and the purse is just gorgeous! I think your hair looks lovely in that softer kind of style :)

  5. What a great dress! I like the extra lace on the cap sleeves. I also like the lighting and your expression in the third picture. I love chignons but I haven't tried one. I'll check out the tutorial in the morning. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your black lacey dress is absolutely wonderful, and you look stunning in it. The way you wear your hair shows more the dress and that wonderful, wonderful coat ( I do not like fur, but that must be the best I have ever seen).

  7. how cute!!!
    i realy love receiving your comments- so sweet! can't wait for MORE :) ...and have you seen k come karolina on bloglovin, facebook and twitter?

    xoxo from rome

  8. What a pretty jacket.Following you.

  9. Hi Maya, it is not a knot but a flower. It came like that.
    I do not think that it will be difficult for somebody like you to make a knot. Let´s see it!!!

  10. That is a pretty dress, very chic. And that purse for $1! Ah, Goodwill. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words!


  11. Lovin' that black lace's soooooooooo perfect for the and chic!
    You look fabbbbulous! And gotta try that side chignon..that's soo glam!
    xoBeckerman Girls

  12. wow, look at that coat...! awesomeness.
    you look great in all-black.

  13. You wear black really well, and this dress is gorgeous.

    I thought of you on Saturday when I saw a woman wearing a black, grey and dark green Fair Isle sweater with a short black chiffon skirt, opaque black tights and black over-the-knee boots. D&G copycat! The skirt was a little bit too short, I thought; a few centimeters longer and it would have been smashing.

  14. Love the lace! so trendy right now and your hair is perfection:)

  15. you look beautiful! I love the coat and dress - so elegant! Hope you had a nice time with your parents. :)

    I did update my sidebar - thanks for noticing! Glad u were entertained by my "about me"!

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  17. Hey your dress is so cute and keep peak of attraction. Your choice is quite elegant. You keep this style as mehndi dresses on your friend of sister marriage.



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