Thursday, December 2, 2010

fringe and zipper necklace DIY

are you tired of fringe?  i'm not!  i saw BLEACHBLACK's tutorial sometime ago but just now made this fringe and zipper necklace.  you can see how it looks against gray and white tees from pictures below.

what you will need:
20" or 25" long black zipper (I used 20" Coats & Clark separating fashion zipper from JoAnn's)
black fringe trim at least twice as long as the zipper (got mine at JoAnn's)
scissors, black thread and needle, pins

i first pinned fringe to the zipper.  then hand stitched using black thread (the ends in the back are hand stitched as well).  pretty easy isn't it?!  i enjoyed making this.  thanks BLEACHBLACK!


  1. Aren´t you clever??? I never thought of doing that.

  2. It looks very cool, I bet is would also look good over a blazer!

    p.s giveaway on my blog today x

  3. Thanks for sharing! I want to immerse myself in DIY projects. I've used the excuse of not taking Home Ec in school, but that's a poor excuse. (But I still don't cook. Yay for marrying a chef!)

    I will definitely try this after my 30/30. And, I will give a shout out to you when I do. You know, so my five readers will learn about your blog :oD

  4. this is a such a cool idea! how have i never thought of this?! thankyou for the comment, btw :) xx

  5. I've never seen anything like it... cool!



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