Saturday, November 20, 2010

studded pant cuffs DIY

i'm still taking my own pictures since my photographer started kindergarten this year.  i'm getting a pretty good workout running back and forth and posing for the camera.  i'm sure my neighbors have completely written me off as a hopeless narcissist.  check out my DIY faux fur bracelet i wore today. 

olive shirt - Target
olive jacket with DIY studded collar - Old Navy
floral scarf - Mark (spring'10 catalog)
denim pants - Walmart's Sasson
bronze bag - Steve Madden (Ross or TJMaxx)
faux fur bracelet - DIY
black leather "soldier" boots - Nine West from

pearl studs - gifted from Mr. Wonderful (when he used to be sweet and romantic)
ouch! i really need to cover up my roots.  maybe i should have worn this scarf as a turban?

i have decided to embellish the cuffs on my denim pants today.  i only paid $7 for these pants on clearance so i was not afraid if they got ruined.  for this project i used iron-on studs that looked like little grommets.  just follow super easy package instructions on how to iron them on.  it only took me 10 minutes (maybe even less).  each sheet of iron-on studs was $1.97 at Walmart (i used four sheets, but you may be able to get by with just two).
this project was very similar to the studded collar jacket DIY i did sometime ago.


  1. You are so clever. I love your DIY. The outdoor photo is gorgeous.
    I was looking for the fashionable mamas post, but i think i have the link wrong.

  2. oops, never mind found it. Sorry i should just go to bed. Congrats!

  3. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. You have become a real DIY lady, and we are learning so much with you. keep it up my lovely.

  4. Your pants turned out great!!! You come up with the best DIY projects!

  5. Love the studded cuffs. I also love how you create a 'huge' cuff to really stand out. The scarf is so pretty.

  6. What a great idea, I love huge cuffs on jeans so love this DIY x

  7. Wow, I love the way you decorated your jeans.
    they're so cute!
    I should try, too!
    kisses and thank you for your sweet comment

  8. such a cool DIY idea! you're def a yummy mummy :) x

  9. What a great DIY, also love your floral scarf

  10. Hang on... did you say your photographer started KINDERGARTEN? Are you saying your kindergarten aged son has been your photographer? That's hilarious!

    Just a quick quick peek cause we were in Oxford for the day & Mr. Dot keeps calling me to watch a film with him (from the living room - I don't mean phoning, more like 'Jill what are you doing?) but I love your comment about the fur stole. Maya, I think you should definitely start throwing a stole over your shoulders when you go to the supermarket, do errands, pick the photographer up from kindergarten..

    Those studs/grommits are a brilliant idea. You are so brave and creative. I keep thinking I need to make a snood from an old jumper but then I get scared about 'ruining' a jumper... meanwhile I've got all these old jumpers I don't even wear.. I think it does take courage to DIY. And I'm such a woss.

    Oh damn he's calling again... okay bye bye just wanted to say hi xx

  11. i LOVE the studded DIY pant cuffs, and that scarf is gorgeous! =)

  12. Great idea! Love your make-up here too.


  13. Hi! I just discovered your blog via Style Underdog. Nice to see other blogging moms! I thought it was funny that your photographer started K this year. My reluctant photographers are in 1st and 3rd. Child labor laws don't apply if they're your own children, right?

    I love the studs with wide cuff. This is a great idea for shorty me, although my cuff would be half the distance to my knee. That sounds like a football penalty. It sure is foul.

    I've added you toy sidebar reading list and look forward to more fun posts!



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