Sunday, November 28, 2010

pleated skirt

i'm experimenting with navy and black again (and purple, and gray, and red too).  found this gorgeous pleated black velvet skirt with purple lace trim at Goodwill.  my blouse is also thrifted.  it has a beautiful "watercolor" design with dark blue, bright purple, red and some gray.
speaking of bright colors...  i was so inspired by Gucci Spring 2011 collection when it first came out.  LOVE their bold use of color.

blouse - thrifted
black pleated skirt - Old Navy thrifted
gray jacket worn as casual cape - Target
purple booties - Payless Shoesource (old)
gray tights - ?
blue granny purse - thrifted
purple and gold bracelet - SteinMart 
ring - Target
red and gold earrings - gifted from Georgia


  1. Wow! That skirt is fabulous. I haven't been to Goodwill in weeks and weeks. I NEED to go this week.

    And those boots are amazing!!!

  2. Great outfit. It all works nicely together!

  3. I love that top very much , and the way you ensemble everything is gorgeous.

  4. That blouse is absolutely beautiful! You put together a great outfit around it! So many pretty colors - the ring picks them up so well. :)

    Thank you so much for checking up on Peanut and I! He is feeling a lot better. The humidifier works wonders - I should have gotten one years ago!

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!!

  5. Loving that blouse! And the granny purse... sigh. I have lots of cute purses I don't carry now b/c they are too small for the crap I lug around. I actually dedicated a post to my "mom bag"-- how scary is that?

  6. Hello, gorgeous mom!
    you look sooo beautifull in this outfit!
    I like so much the colours of your blouse: they're perfect with your skin!
    the correct spelling is CIAO!
    ...and I hope you can visit venice on day.
    I'm Italian, but I was in venice only one time... enough to foll in love with it!
    kiss anf thank you for your sweet words.
    you're a really sweet girl!

  7. Yeah, yeah, the skirt is nice...BUT I NEED the purse. I love the purse, I am dying to have the purse. (I want your purse, did you notice?) The whole outfit is great and the boots great. But I really like the purse. lol OK, I will stop.

  8. I realllllly love your purse. OK, I'm going now.

  9. Love every detail of this outfit, specially the jewelry and nailcolor !

  10. Love the dark blue bag. Big fan of black and blue!

  11. love this outfit! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and sorry for my late reply! Kisses!

  12. Thanks for your lovely comments, don't worry we'll stay in touch, because I'll come back on your blog too !

  13. Wow what a gorgeous look: I especially love the 'granny' handbag! It's so Queen Elisabeth II! ; )

    I'm so into navy/black/purple but in my case, instead of red/grey, I'll add forest green, bit of aqua.. that skirt is amazing. Glad you had a lovely thanksgiving, will sit down and send you a proper email soon but just had to stop by and say hi. xxxx

  14. Oh my goodness! You are just so gorgeous!! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your lovely comments! You were definately right, we have a LOT in common! As soon as I saw your blog, I was like this is a blog for me!!! Not only are our stories SO similar, but I just dig your style! You are just fabulous!! So inspired by your use of bold colours! I have spent so long in blacks and greys, trying to hide in my clothing. After looking through your blog I went out today and bought some purple tights, some long stripy knee socks, and some fabulously bright socks!! Here I come! Can't wait for your next post!

  15. Thank you so much for your nice words. I am actively searching for a church. In the meantime the children and I pray together and talk about the lord:) Love your purples!

  16. you look great in pops of deep violet- very complimentary to your hair color. and i love that nail color.
    by the way, thanks for the sweet comment about my aunt- yes she is one cool lady! xo



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