Thursday, November 4, 2010

from jogging to rocking pants

ok, ok i will confess i don't jog (as if you can't tell, lol).  i only bought this pair of Gap pants to try the sweatpants and heels look.  i loved the color and the feel of the fabric.  technically, this is not sweatpants, more like yoga pants probably.  i got them in Gap's loungewear section (this was in the spring but just now got to fixing the hem)....  see here how i had to fix the hem.

sequin black top (it's all one piece) - SteinMart $9.95!
pants - Gap
shoes - Payless
green ring - Payless
rest of jewelry - Target

shoes - Forever 21
green sequin tank top - Target
green shirt - Ross

jewelry - Target/Kohl's/Payless (except the necklace)
necklace - DIY

about the necklace above...  i made it using rope, gray pearls, round pendant glued to a round piece of black felt.  my inspiration came from Brook&Lyn's Surrounded collection.
i finally got to changing templates and figured out how to post larger pics.  please let me know if you have any trouble opening up my blog.  thanks!


  1. What an awesome DIY necklace! I'm inspired.

    What did you think of the yoga pants and heels look? I like your styling here, but I can't decide if I want to do it, too. It's such an eclectic mix. . .

  2. They pants looks great I really like the look of the material. You know I love this look, it is just so comfy, I do go jogging too though I certainly dont look glam whilst doing so!

    How did you get your photos bigger by the way? Did you use an external host for them? Ive been considering how much extra effort it would be xxx

  3. I also bought a similar pair to try the same look. Love how you pulled it off. I like them both but the one with green is my favorite. Wow, that necklace looks amazing. Very talented.

  4. You're so crafty. I love the necklace you made. And your 2nd take on the sweatpants/heels look is a winner. xoxo

  5. What a great necklace!!! I love the pants on you - they look very resort wear chic!

  6. ps - any chance you could do a tutorial on the necklace? I love it so!

  7. Thank you girls so much. It's like having a girls night out and deciding what looks better and how. I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions!
    Pearl, I've looked at several sites that offered tips on posting larger pics. Some of them did not work (or maybe it was just me) for my template. I found the link below the most helpful. If you have any trouble, please email me I'll try to help step by step.
    Here's the link:

  8. They look amazing on you.
    Off to Málaga in a few minutes.
    Un abrazo

  9. The sweatpants-and-heels look done so well!
    I also love your jewelry. I lean towards the "less is more" camp, but you're reminding me that sometimes more is more!

  10. I freely admit that I don't jog either, but am very addicted to the comfy sweat pants. They look lovely on you and the beautiful jewellery is a perfect addition.

  11. I have to admit Im not a big jogger, well in fact I am 5' 3" so Im not a big anything but I do love the comfy-ness of lazy pants as I call them, get home from work and just chill out on the sofa wearing my FOTL jogging pants, I did try to accessorise with them once but I only got as far as pink plimsolls, I wish I had your vision to incorporate all these thing together, you look fab x

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