Saturday, November 13, 2010

copy cat maxi dress (take 2)

maxi dress - Ross
gray jacket - Target
suede boots - Urban Outfitters (old)
lion and chains belt - DIY
bracelets - Target/Kohl's

Mr. Wonderful and i went out last night for a fancy date (kids are with the grandparents).  and by fancy i mean our local Blue Coast Burrito (first time i tried fish taco, really good).
wearing my black maxi again (see my older version here) with my Urban Outfitters wedge boots.  i realize the style of this dress does not require a belt but it's so long i had to pull it up somehow.  if you want to see how i made the lion pendant belt click here.

back in July girls from In Professorial Fashion reminded me about my black maxi dress.  also Fashion Cloud has done a great post on maxi trend.  i really like her pictures and am thinking next time i will wear my dress with an extra long necklace and a leather jacket.

fish taco from Blue Coast Burrito


  1. It looks great! I always have to belt my maxi to shorten itI should get around to hemming it really! Your DIY projects are going so well arent they! xx

  2. Love your maxi dress and with the belt that you made is gorgeous!!! Whish I could do something similar


    La Madrina

  3. I love how your belt turned out - looks so expensive!! Your hair looks fantastic as well :) Glad you had a wonderful date with Mr. Wonderful!!

  4. I love your black dress in both occasion, but the touch of the belt is genious!!!

  5. I love the belt you made! I'm currently making a few fun belts for my etsy shop...and I've done a few up with chains too..but they're a bit different from this one. I love it tho!! Great way to spice up a plain black dress! or any outfit!!

  6. Hotness! 'Glad to hear you had a date night. And thanks for the shout-out!

  7. Love your belt! It is so creative So called ;p


  8. Black maxi dresses are a MUST, don't you think?! Lovely outfit!

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