Sunday, November 14, 2010

almost preppy

gray tee - Target 
Land's End navy blue and white striped cardi - gift form my sis
brown skirt - NY&Co
oxford shoes - Kohl's Apt 9 (last year's purchase)
heart necklace - thrifted

they say it's all in the detail, right?  new buttons on my cardigan came from JoAnn's.  i've been doing a lot of button upgrading lately (more pictures coming soon).  and the lovely oxford shoes are from last year from Kohl's.  they may not look it but are very comfortable!

BEFORE: original buttons were plain white

AFTER: JoAnn's preppy looking buttons

do yo believe in love at first sight?  i do.  i fell in love with these Bass shoes as soon as i saw them on Refinery29

photos from Refinery29
Tennessee Thomas in Rachel Antonoff's shoe collaboration with Bass


  1. You do look in everything, but you have an specially good eye for lovely shoes. Aren´t they fantastic?????.

  2. very chic, maya. the classics suit you so well! xo

  3. I love these little DIY projects. Changing buttons can make a world of difference, nice job!

  4. Very preppy indeed. The oxfords are killer.

  5. Such a small change on the cardi but it made such a difference!! Those shoes are amazing - I now have a new obsession. :)

  6. I love not only seeing a fab outfit on someones blog, but then realizing that they did something I could do to my clothes! This is a great idea and I have JUST the cardigan to do this to.



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