Tuesday, October 5, 2010

camel and red

 camel top - Ross
red shirt - SteinMart
black skirt with red pattern - SteinMart
three new bracelets - Kohl's
 french golden coins earrings - Goodwill
watch - Armitron's Now from Walmart
Sally Hansen nail polish - All Fired Up (550)
Maybelline lipstick - Are You Red-dy (625)

i'm into camel and red (this fall's hottest color combo) from head to toe!  in camel i prefer darker and richer shade.  as to red- i'm even pickier.  red i like now-days is very bright and has to be just right.  not too dark, not too light.  it is the color of Sally Hansen's All Fired Up nail polish. 
Vena Cava via glamour

YES, IT'S SCULLS, BRAINS AND BONES in the background
perhaps, Nina got her inspiration from Style Underdog's post???

Happy Halloween from Nashville's Adventure Science Center

i also tried camel top with jeans for more casual look:

jeans - Walmart
shoes - Goodwill (check out those tassels!)
bracelet - Goodwill
earrings - mom's
three stone rings worn stacked on each other - JoAnns
fake amber ring - Target


  1. loving the skirt and camel top look! u look fab :)

    Love, G

  2. soo cute!!

  3. i love the camel and red inspiration. your coat is charming, as are the kitten heels. cute pics of the kiddos!



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