Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FAN-TASTIC GIVEAWAY!!! (or the REAL and the DESPERATE housewife's giveaway)

to celebrate my birthday today i decided to do a giveaway.  i am giving away my amazing, incredible,  one of a kind, divine purple suede cat heel shoes!!!  yes, you read it right.
i snatched this treasure several weeks ago at half-price in Goodwill for $2.50 (i am very puzzled by the fact that my local Goodwill has incredible amount of very nice genuine leather shoes in excellent condition...  just email me and specify your size, brand, color, style - and i'll find the right shoe for you there... just kidding). 
ok, back to my giveaway...  my feet grew 1/2 size with each pregnancy and that is a whole size added to my already quite large feet.  these shoes i am giving away are US size 8 1/2 and that is too small for me.   i can only walk in them 5 min max at a time.  someone suggested i have them stretched, but there is this nagging feeling i have...  i stay home with my kids and don't really go anywhere where i could really show off these beauties.  yes, i am the REAL and the DESPERATE (two in one) housewife!!!  (that is probably why i started this blog... but that is beside the point)...  i can not possibly bare the thought of these shoes sitting in the dark corner of my closet forgotten by the world.  i did consider displaying them in my china cabinet with all the other things i never use but chose to simply give them away to someone who will be able to wear them comfortably.  ok, i will shut up now... here is what you'll get if you hopefully win...  "Nina" brand genuine suede shoes (plummy purple) in US size 8 1/2.
2 1/2 inch heels have golden cat images.  these shoes are in very good used condition.  for more pictures click here and here.
for a chance to win this shoe please:

1. follow and/or subscribe to my blog

2. leave a comment under this post with either your email or blog address (any non-entry comments of shoe    praise and admiration are also welcome, just let me know somehow you are not participating in the giveaway)

3. check out my eBay shop georgiablueboutique- absolutely no obligation to purchase anything...  I am selling my old shoes that don't fit anymore, some NWT items and some accessories.  it's about time to clean up my closet!!!

on Monday, September 20, i will notify the lucky winner (who will be randomly picked).  i don't mind paying for U.S. shipping but if the winner is outside the U.S. i ask that you pay the shipping.

... and here is what i am putting on eBay today (actually i'll add few more items tonight).  all things are either new or in very good used condition.  smoke-free pet-free home.

Forever XXI faux leather jacket with tags still on size L- $30.00 (i paid $37.50) SOLD
Xhilaration (Targer) faux leather vest only wore once size L- $12.99 SOLD
Shi shoes NIB US size 8 1/2 - $20.00
Michael Shannon shoes in US size 8B, genuine leather (suede) -$9.00  SOLD
Westbound genuine leather boots US size 9- $10.00 SOLD
Xhilaration (Target) skirt NWT size L-$9.99
Forever XXI purse NWT- $10.00 (i pd $17.80) SOLD

and best for last, my favorite listing:  Carriage Court genuine suede green shoes (that are too small for me).  they would look so cute with a black bow attached to the top.  so vintage looking, would go great with neutrals a la Sonia Rykiel pairing vintage looking outfits with green and red shoes.  loved Fashion Daydreams' post on Sonia Rykiel Resort 2011.
vintage looking green genuine suede shoes US size 8- $20.00  SOLD


  1. oh! the purple suede cat-heel shoes, and you're giving away!! too bad for me, they're not my size.
    thanks for another lovely comment on my style blog!

  2. Not my size either, but Happy Birthday!!

  3. my size my size!! i love them- so funky.
    i follow you-

  4. OMG I can't believe you're giving these away and THEY'RE my size- amazing!


  5. I want to win!! I think they might just be my size xx

  6. Happy Birthday.
    I do WANT, WANT and need those shoes. I have a friend´s wedding on the 16th of October and I am at a lost for shoes. They also are the right high. Incredible!!!
    I do not mind paying for the post.
    I am also an Ebay seller in Spain, although I do not post abroad: Ebay is just starting here and as a hobby is enough!!.
    Well my dear here are de details:
    My blog:
    My email adress:

  7. Glad you liked the skirt. i bought it in a vintage market in Berlin for 1 euro.It is from the 80s, ans i am thrill with it.Thank you so much for visiting my blog.Do come again and stay...
    Un abrazo fuerte.

  8. I'm so glad I caught this before you picked winners! I LOVE those shoes. I would wear those all the time (since we all know I wear heels daily anyhow). They're a half size too big, but.... that's what pads are for.

    Gonna check out the ebay auctions - I'm a terrible addict.
    Good luck with the contest and selling!

  9. Aw, I'm sad you're not keeping them for future wear! I'm sure the new owner will love them.



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