Friday, July 16, 2010

mixology (first try)

Hanna Andersson clogs, TJMaxx skirt, Ross top, Express black vest, Sally Hansen nails (Commander in Chic)

if you read my profile you would notice i start it saying "fashion is FUN".  what's more fun than mixing prints?!  seeing pretty prints makes me drool.  however, i still need practice in this mixology science.  here is my first attempt:  wearing zebra and leopard prints together (i was asked to pose in that second picture).  have you tried to mix it up?  the mixology Pro (Glamourai) has really good tips on this subject here.

i still think that Hanna Andersson has best looking (in my humble opinion) clogs and they are a lot cheaper than Chanel or the Swedish Hasbeens.

both clogs in the picture below are from this Swedish company (they sell in the U.S. too).  my daughter wears hers year round.  and this is her second pair (the hot pink ones are already too small for her). this picture was inspired by Style Underdog.

unfortunately, these leopard boots below come only in kids sizes :(
don't you just love this black and white dot print?


  1. nice try at mixology!! lovely pictures too!


  2. Hi there. I just found your lovely blog through Style Underdog. I, too, am intimidated by print mixing and have only just begun with stripes. I applaud your foray into the stronger and more sophisticated prints!

    Also, I wonder if a leopard or snakeskin strappy wedge would work with this outfit, too. Are wedges appropriate footwear for stylish moms on the run?

  3. Sa-weeeeeet. Maya, you look fantastic. You are absolutely gorgeous. I swear, taking pictures will get easier. You should see how small my photos were in the beginning of my blog.

    Nice mixing. I'm with A-Dubs on this, it is hard. I started with stripes and leopard and haven't gone any farther.

    To answer ADub on your blog, haha, wedges work for me. Even though they are 4 inches, the platform really only makes the heel around 2 in. Does that make sense? grit&glamour did a little discussion about wedges on her latest vlog. It is worth seeing.

    Style Underdog out. See you later Maya!!!!!!

  4. thanks so much for your comments. they made my day. i think wedge sandals and boots are still very hot. my favorite one that i own is my black suede wedge booties i bought on sale in the spring from Urban Outfitters. can't wait to wear them once it cools off a little.

  5. Hi Maya, found you off of Style Underdog's site. I am very inspired by your pattern mixing. I am a little shy with animal prints, but maybe I can be on the look out for something subtle in the near future.

  6. Mixing prints is so in! I'm in the process of doing it the right way myself, so koodos to you!Love the nails btw!

  7. loving those clogs! I'm not a big user of prints.



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