Wednesday, July 7, 2010

knick-knack (more Goodwill and "antique" shop buys); June Carter Cash earrings

i found this pair of earrings in an antiques shop locally.  the owner thought they belonged to June Carter.  i thought he was pulling my leg, but maybe not.  after all, she and Johnny Cash lived in our town.  in any case, i love the earrings. 

and here are some other little things i got several weeks ago.
5/2011 EDIT: the necklace with leaves is Coro
5/2011 EDIT: the tribal necklace above is Gay Boyer 1985

this black and gold scarf reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night


  1. Very pretty earings.
    And looks like you found some great goodies.

    Lydia xxx

  2. goodness! you really scored!
    i so like those earrings. i'm hoping to start collecting turquoise and coral native american jewelry again...basically, similar stuff to your earrings.

  3. What beautiful earrings!! I wish I had luck like that in goodwill/antique shops! Nice find! :)



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