Thursday, July 15, 2010

Evil Eye/ Lucky Eye

introducing... Kara Ross for Tory Burch.
what do you think of it?
and here is my own evil eye necklace from Georgia from at least two decades ago:
 i never thought of myself being a pack-rat, but i am beginning to think...  Nay!  i just kept some things because of their "sentimental value".  wait... is not that what pack-rats do? 
Black Velvet Evil Eye Bracelet has this cute evil eye bracelet for $5.69


  1. Hi Maya, thanks for leaving the comment.
    I went through your entire blog. I would love to see more pictures of you...It gets easier the more you post, trust me.
    The jewelry you are posting is beautiful. I'm going to have to check out some of your links. I will be back...

  2. Hey Maya, Thanks so much for your visit today on my blog and your nice comments! I love the first necklace in your post. I can so relate to you. I too am a mom of a 4 yr. old trying to keep those "mom jeans" away and the "soccer mom" label out of my vocabulary. I enjoy fashion like you and try to stay as stylish as I can. Let's stay in touch!!! I became a follower so I will be back!!

  3. Aw why did it have to cost $695 what an amazing necklace. I would love a huge collar like that. I bought an evil eye for protection in Rhodes, just a little charm, I wear it on a chain with Sekhmet and Egyptian goddess for protection. I also bought one of the huge blue eyes from Cypress I wonder where it got to?!



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