Monday, May 20, 2013

Alexander McQueen Inspired Flip-Flops

Alexander McQueen black skull detail flop flops $504, source

Alexander McQueen leather flip flops with zipper and skull detail $201, source
It gets very hot and humid in Tennessee during summer months.  Whether I like it or not I end up wearing flip flops almost everyday.  Most of the time I purchase my flip flops at Old Navy.  Why not embellish them just for fun?!

Use buttons, ribbons or vintage jewelry to create your own version of glorified flip-flops.  Here are a few ideas...
I used skull buttons from JoAnns for these McQueen inspired projects.
What you need:
black flip-flops, two buttons, two black rubber bands and a toothpick.

flip-flops from Ross, skull buttons from JoAnns
with a toothpick slide rubber band half-way through shank

with each loop do the following: pull it down, under and then over the button

DIY McQueen inspired flip-flops
if skull buttons are too much for you, just use some other pretty buttons

 Next project involves using zipper trim also from JoAnns of course :)

measure each side of the flip-flop, cut and burn edges to prevent fraying

apply E6000 glue to the back of zipper trim with a toothpick
glue zipper trim and secure with clothes pins and let dry overnight

remove button shanks and the "cross bone" parts, file with sanding paper

my DIY McQueen inspired zipper and skull detail flip flops
you can also add ribbon bows and buttons :)


  1. Those look great! I can't imagine spending $500 on flip-flops, even if I HAD wont the $600 mil Powerball jackpot... it's nuts!

  2. OMG you are a creative genius !!! You make flip flop(the most boring shoes !) so edgy !!!

  3. From Old Navy to Alexander McQueen - love your leaps.



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