Friday, April 19, 2013

Strictly Country Antique Mall

Strictly Country Antique Mall

5945 Bowling Green Road

Franklin, KY 42134


After chaperoning my daughter's second grade class on their field trip to the Chaney's Dairy Barn in Kentucky, I made a mandatory stop at Strictly Country Antique Mall.  It is located on a working farm with an 1840s homestead.  Both are listed on the National Historic Register.  They have a fascinating collection of antique quilts, handmade metal lamps and furniture.  Their antique wood stood out the most and made me feel as if I were in a museum of folk art of sorts.

Shaker wood storage box, $2300
very early dough bowl, $495

old pottery
carpet bag from Civil War era, $125
hand made vintage-like lamp
black silk dragon pajamas from 1940s, $70

Chaney's Dairy Barn, Franklin, KY

Sunday, April 14, 2013

TEYO Inspired DIY Shirt

my DIY inspired by TEYO

striped tee from Target (old purchase) embellished with metallic lace (JoAnns)

lace hand-stitched at the collar line, the rest of the lace is hanging free
As you know two of my favorite subjects to blog about are fashion DIY and My Georgia series (where I tell you tid-bits about my home country of Georgia).  In this post I would like to combine two topics and introduce to you talented Georgian-born designer Teo Gardapkhadze and her brand TEYO.  I fell in love with TEYO's embellished striped sweater (which seems to pop up everywhere on Georgian and Russian fashion blogs) and made my own version by embellishing my old Target striped shirt with some metallic lace from JoAnns

Here is a photo of the original piece:
original sweater by TEYO
And here is the original worn by a beautiful Georgian blogger Merci Sulkhanishvili (below).  Check out her fashion blog MerciChic.

TEYO sweater worn with casual jeans by Merci Sulkhanishvili
floral headband by Teo Gurchiani

And finally, more looks from TEYO Fall 2012 collection shown at the Tbilisi Fashion Week last year. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Heart Shaped DIY Planter with Succulents

Inspired by pictures I saw online, I made my own heart shaped planter (above).  Since I could not find any real planters in this shape anywhere, I used  large Wilton cake pan instead which I purchased for this project during Valentines Sale at JoAnn's.  All succulents in photos above are from Walmart.


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