Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY: Heart Shaped Wreaths from Fabric Scraps or Old Tees

Project 1: heart shaped wreath made with wire hanger and old tees
Project 2: heart shaped wreath with cardboard and old tees

I wanted to share two projects with you.  Project 1 was easy and kid-friendly.  Project 2 was completed by me without kids and needs improvement.

Project 1: Heart shaped wreath made with wire hanger and recycled tees. 
First, reshape one wire hanger into the heart shape leaving the hook on top (no need to cut wire, just reshape).  I did this part for my daughter and the rest she completed herself.  Use scraps of fabric or cut up old tees and tie strips all around the wire.  We made our strips about 6" long and 1-1.5" wide.  It is easier for a child to tie longer strips so 6" was easy to handle.  When finished you can trim and shape up you wreath. 

our Valentines gift is ready for Grandma!

Project 2: Heart shaped wreath with cardboard and old tees. 
First cut a piece of cardboard into a heart shape of desired size.  With phillips head screwdriver poke holes in the cardboard about 1" apart (or slightly closer).  Cut up old tees into strips (about 1.5x3.5").  Place one strip at a time above hole in the cardboard and push in partially with the srewdriver.  Hot glue ribbon or yarn to make a hanger.  I don't recommend this project for kids.  I'm sure if you knit or crochet you can come up with kid-friendly safe ways to reach the same look.  For example, maybe instead of pocking holes in the cardboard, one can use Plastic Perforated Canvas ?

the tees we used are kids' school tees from last year in red, pink and white

Happy crafting! 


  1. I looks so cute! I need to make one for St.Valentines Day)

  2. i love the cardboard idea! so you just push it thru, no glue or pinning?

  3. This is a very neat way to reuse on an old T-shirt and turn it into something beautiful. I never thought of doing this with T-shirts. A long time ago I made a white wreath using the same process only with strips of white garbage bags. Thanks for the idea.



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