Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY: Wooden Star with Lights

DIY wooden star with lights
I have seen several tutorials and many pins on Pinterest showing different versions of DIY wooden star Christmas decoration.  I decided to collect some fallen branches from a nearby park to make my own Earthy version.

DIY star, DIY wreath, DIY Noel blocks, bird cage Hobby Lobby, everything else thrifted

What I used:
branches or sticks in desired length
jute twine to tie the sticks together
cheap Christmas lights form Walmart (for a larger star you might need two packages)
bread ties (optional) to secure strings of light

place the sticks on the ground to form a star; trim the ends off as desired

tie the sticks together with jute twine

wrap Christmas lights around sticks securing with bread ties if desired

plug it in

and decide where to place your new creation

I love the natural look of my star but I have to admit I also love the clean look of this yard stick star from Little Bit Funky
Also, plz check out my other wooden star DIY here.  Seems as if I've been star struck lately :)


  1. I like stars and I like your DIY. Very pretty! I'd consider making one, once I find the right branches.



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