Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY: Gold Leafed Nails

DIY nails, burgundy leather clutch thrifted, leather jacket - Etsy

Do you remember my Gold Bar Clutch DIY?  I had lots of gold leaf pieces left over and saved them for my nails.  You will need craft gold leaf, nail polish in desired color, clear nail coat and tweezers.

First, I applied burgundy polish to my nails.  Then while nails were wet applied golden pieces with tweezers.  Seal with clear coating.

I think dark blue (Essie's Midnight Cami) also looks great with gold.

I was experimenting here by applying gold leaf first and then filling in with dark color, but I recommend the way described in my tutorial above

Or how about just clear and gold?

Also, check out Pearl's gorgeous nails here.  Great minds think alike, as it often is the case. 


  1. Beautiful ! Real gold ! Amazing !!

  2. I hope nobody mugs you for your pretty nails.

  3. dzalian momcons es idea....glad to have found your blog fellow georgian:)))

  4. So glad you did the post, I cant believe Im still wearing it I usually get board of things easily but the gold nails are a keep for sure :D X

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