Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY: Christmas Card

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

I decorated our front porch with thrifted items from Goodwill for this homemade Christmas card ordered via Shutterfly.  Angel wings on Louie are from and reindeer antlers are from Santa :)  For the wooden star DIY tutorial click here.

I was so happy to find three brass horns at Goodwill recently
I love my Momma and I will do anything for her, even this...

Merry Christmas!

DIY: Vintage Colander Holiday Centerpiece With Lights

vintage colander with star design, juniper branches and light

 You can find similar colander at many thrift shops (or check your grandma's kitchen).  I particularly love the ones with star designs on them.  My original intent was to use candles and cover them up with the colander, but was afraid that was not safe.  I tried electric tea lights (photo below) but the light was not powerful enough to create the desired effect. 

with electric tea lights

So I used a bare bulb light pendant "lamp" (similar can be purchased on Etsy) and loved how it ended up projecting stars on the wall. 

My other vintage find from last week is this wire basket.  I initially thought it was a fishing basket but Mr. Wonderul thinks it's a frying basket.  I cleaned it up really good and used it to display some old ornaments (also thrifted of course).

vintage frying basket used to display Christmas ornaments

Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY: Last Year's Christmas Cards or Calendar Upcycled into Holiday Decoration

This giant Labrador Retriever themed paper ball was created based on this tutorial from Scoutie Girl.  I only change the scale in order to make much larger ornament/decoration from my last years calendar which had lots of cute puppy photos  :)

Christmas Break Survival Guide for Kids and Moms

I have just created a new board on my Pinterest dedicated to holiday crafts for kids and Moms.  Click HERE to enjoy!  Do you have a special secret to stay sane throughout the holidays?

an ornament made with recycled Christmas cards...  see it on my new Pinterest board

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY: Natural Christmas Arrangements

Pinterest made me do it!

What I used:
thrifted burlap stocking (it was 50 cents!!!)
thrifted galvanized decorative bucket
pine, juniper and laurel branches, nandina berries all collected from the backyard

thrifted and natural supplies
 I had several nandine branches left over and of course could not just throw them away :)  I tied them with burlap jute and hung on our front porch chair.  Also, could be used as a quick and easy (and inexpensive) Christmas wreath or window/wall decoration.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY: Gold Leafed Nails

DIY nails, burgundy leather clutch thrifted, leather jacket - Etsy

Do you remember my Gold Bar Clutch DIY?  I had lots of gold leaf pieces left over and saved them for my nails.  You will need craft gold leaf, nail polish in desired color, clear nail coat and tweezers.

First, I applied burgundy polish to my nails.  Then while nails were wet applied golden pieces with tweezers.  Seal with clear coating.

I think dark blue (Essie's Midnight Cami) also looks great with gold.

I was experimenting here by applying gold leaf first and then filling in with dark color, but I recommend the way described in my tutorial above

Or how about just clear and gold?

Also, check out Pearl's gorgeous nails here.  Great minds think alike, as it often is the case. 

DIY: Wooden Star with Lights

DIY wooden star with lights
I have seen several tutorials and many pins on Pinterest showing different versions of DIY wooden star Christmas decoration.  I decided to collect some fallen branches from a nearby park to make my own Earthy version.

DIY star, DIY wreath, DIY Noel blocks, bird cage Hobby Lobby, everything else thrifted

What I used:
branches or sticks in desired length
jute twine to tie the sticks together
cheap Christmas lights form Walmart (for a larger star you might need two packages)
bread ties (optional) to secure strings of light

place the sticks on the ground to form a star; trim the ends off as desired

tie the sticks together with jute twine

wrap Christmas lights around sticks securing with bread ties if desired

plug it in

and decide where to place your new creation

I love the natural look of my star but I have to admit I also love the clean look of this yard stick star from Little Bit Funky
Also, plz check out my other wooden star DIY here.  Seems as if I've been star struck lately :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Earthy Still-life (Simple Christmas Wreath DIY)

I am very much into Earthy, primitive, rustic and Wabi-sabi lately.  I DIYed the wreath above by spray-painting a regular grape-vine wreath in white and attaching a giant rustic bell (from Hobby Lobby) with jute twine.  The jars in the photos are from my little collection of country crock pottery (all thrifted). 


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