Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tara's Antique Mall (Part II)

Tara's Antique Mall is located at 120 North Main Street, Goodlettsville, Tennessee; phone 615-859-4331

 As promised yesterday, I'm now posting the rest of the photos from my visit to Tara's Antique Mall in Goodlettsville, Tn.  

gorgeous Famory beaded dress, vintage size 8 ($48)

stunning Laurence Kazar sequin silk top ($25)

Asian inspired blue and gold boudoir coat probably from 1920's (top center, and top right)
vintage wedding gowns
antique cream-color dresses that would look amazing on a modern vintage-loving bride

beaded purse

tapestry purse and wooden shoes from Philippines

beautiful Victorian purse and beaded black purse

this Walborg purse is clear plastic with pastel raffia (?) flowers reminds me of LV Spring 2012 collection
vintage jewelry
hats and hair accessories

vintage dish towels and aprons

pottery and art

porcelain figurines

whiskey jags from Tennessee area

vintage toys
 Do you have a favorite piece?  I think my favorite pieces are cream color dresses.  They belong in a museum.  I also love the Asian inspired blue and gold boudoir coat that probably is from 1920's.   


  1. Sequins and leopard print and dog figurines...heaven :) I really love the vintage jewelry, a cluster of those broaches would look so good on a sweater this fall.

  2. Oh wow Id love to have seen this place!!! In the UK it is very hard to find vintage costume jewellery x



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