Monday, October 8, 2012

Snackcessory Challenge 10 Finalists

No, my little Snackcessory did not even make the finals.  Honestly, I am disappointed but hey, I'm not going to let this ruin my day. 
For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about...  General Mills had announced a DIY challenge and the Grand Prize winner will get to go to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York in February of 2013.  Here are the 10 finalists:

Tool of the Trade

The Anti-Cookie bag


Snackcessory Monster

Yummy Snackpack

Healthy Garden

Snack Attack

More is More

Mixed Metallics

Oh Say, Can you Snack
Congratulations to all the finalists.  I am voting for the golden Snack Attack.  You can vote here.

My own submission did not make the finals, but I thought at least I'd show it off here.  The title for my Snackcessory was Fashionably Healthy.  Here is my little submission piece:

Fashionably Healthy

The inspiration behind my Snackcessory is Baroque motif in current fashion. I painted a tin pencil case with black acrylic paint first, following with brass color. Next, I applied crackle medium for an interesting texture. The baroque style decoration on my Snackcessory is simply wooden applique gold leafed by me and glued with the strong craft glue. I also glued brass button to the top part for the faux closure effect. Healthy snacking is very important to me as it prevents overeating. That's why I am looking forward to carrying FiberOne bars in my Snackcessory everywhere I go.

I took step-by-step photos but am not in the mood to post the detailed tutorial now.  However, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.  I'll be happy to share.


  1. You did an amazing job, I especially love the crackle finish!
    Smart n Snazzy

  2. Ooooo, I like yours. It looks so cool. Very Dolce and Gabbana.

    1. Oh Wow! You are good! Dolce & Gabbana was in particular my inspiration! I did not mention that in my submission because we were not allowed to name designers... lol

  3. The snack attack bag is so chic and fabulous! Tallulah is going as Cookie Monster for Halloween, I'm going to show her these

  4. I'm sorry, but yours is better than some(most) of the finalists.

  5. So many creative ideas ! It's amazing !

  6. What a great competition! I love the Snack Attack too plus the cute monster one:)) xoxo

  7. Sorry to hear yours didn't make the finals. It's gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing all these - some very creative designs.

  8. I love yours! I would BUY yours! That is so unfair. Some of the finalists' work is lovely, too - and I'm with you, Maya, my favourite of the finalists (without seeing your choice first - objectively) was Snack Attack, too. But yours is really beautiful, and I think they should re-vote.

    You are such a generous spirit. I love the way you're posting everyone's work - taking the time to do it. Just the fact that you stopped by and wrote what you did today - you really made me happy. You're the winner in my book.

    Sending you - as Odyssey would say - hugs across the pond. xo

  9. I like yours, I'm shocked it didn't make the cut... it's way nicer than several of the finalists!

  10. Oh I am surprised yours didnt make it as it looks a lot better than some of the finalists - and Im not just saying that because Im your friend. Oh well well out of the finalists I would choose the same as you, love the little crab detail x



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