Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY: Star Print Denim Jeans

Ms. Fancy Pants
I'm sure there are tons of star-print denim tutorials online especially inspired by Current/Elliott jeans.  I think the key is to make your stars look pale or faded.  For that reason I made my own mix of acrylic colors.  I mixed white, blue and a touch of black.  Add the textile medium to the mix to be able to use on fabric.  I also made my own stamp from sheets of foam (I'll show you how next week), but you can buy a star stamp at any craft store.  And finally, last tip: make sure not to overload the stamp  to achieve the faded, barely there look.  In fact, I recommend spreading your paint mix on a piece of paper towel first. 

Target jeans star stamped by me
I stamped the back side first, let it dry, then finished the front side.  After all is dry, heat set with the household iron for about 10 sec.  Our inspiration for this project was Mini Boden and Current/Elliott:

star-print shorts and pants both Mini-Boden

Current/Elliott star-print jeans, ASOS $351.80


  1. So cute Maya! And your little princess is beyond words adorable! Great job!
    Smart n Snazzy

  2. look at her rock those jeans, little miss thang. Love it. Jeans are fantastic. Again I like yours the best.

  3. How fabulous does she look? I love them! x

  4. How cute! Great idea making them for your daughter-- little girls can pull off any trend and get away with it!

  5. Nina is such an awesom model. And of course, mom is a talented painter.

  6. Great project! Your daughter looks too cute in them

  7. These are so cute! Great idea :)

  8. i like the way they turned out. i want to try this. i've seen similar tutorials for polka dots as well, but the stars are fun!

  9. Love this idea! I've tried making polka dot leggings. It worked okay. But this looks fool-proof =D Very cute!
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  10. I’ve been seeing these cuties everywhere for the longest and now it’s my turn to rock them.

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