Monday, September 24, 2012

Featured on Odyssey Home

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for featuring my fake ice-cube creations on your blog Odyssey Home.  Stephanie's style is minimalistic and elegant.  She usually dresses in black and white which normally would cause me to yawn, but Stephanie makes black and white look totally mesmerizing.  I've been hooked on her blog for several years now (2 or 3?) and thought that my ice-cube ring was just right for Stephanie.  I was surprised to learn that she actually used to have a similar ring by Marc Jacobs (I was unaware of that ring).  Her old ring broke and now she has a replacement.  Funny, how it worked out all on it's own...

if anyone is interested, I can make another ring like the one in pictures and sell it on my Etsy for about $12.99.   Available for $9.99 on my Etsy.

On the 14th, we celebrated my birthday.  There is no special post this year simply because it's been too busy.  You can see my last year's birthday post here.
To recap 2012, I have continued on my path of self discovery learning to listen and trust my own heart and intuition.  And as a result, I am becoming more confident and less self-doubting.  It's a very slow process, I want an over-night change.  But I know I will get there eventually.  All I need to do is sit back and let God take control, which is so difficult to do.  My prayer lately, is very simple:

May Your will be done, not mine...


  1. That ring is nothing short of sensational! I hope you had a fantastic birthday. You looked gorgeous last year, I bet this year was no different! x

  2. Thank you so very much Maya.
    Gorgeous ring.

  3. Following you now in blogloving and pinterest.

  4. Thank you, Maya, for the lovely write-up and mention. I really love my new ring. And by the way, I just realized how massive it looks in my photo here. For anyone interested in purchasing one from Maya: It IS big - as it should be - but not THAT gigantic. :)
    Belated birthday wishes! I hope your day was magical.

  5. that's really pretty, maya! and congrats on the feature.
    hope you had a wonderful birthday, too!!

    btw, did you see my post on the ice sculptures?? pretty cool stuff!

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  6. What a fun ring. Checking it out now.

  7. p.s. may the next year bring answers to your prayers.



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