Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Currently hunting for a similar varsity/bomber jacket at my local Goodwill stores...  I already raided my husband's closet hoping to find his college jacket but nope, did not see any there. 

via eBay

via ASOS
via Street Peeper

 ...and I am also hunting for some inexpensive and sorry looking loafers so that I can DIY my own pair of these Miu Miu shoes by applying tons of glitter :)
miu miu glitter loafers via Refinery 29

I ran across these beauties (below) but they are too pretty to be re-fashioned.  Don't you think?

coming soon to my Etsy


  1. I am on the same varsity jacket mission! No luck yet though. As for the shoes, Target has some in that style so maybe if you hold out they'll hit the clearance rack (but you are right, it's so hard to DIY things that are already perfect).

  2. I love the jacket with a tiger on the back !

  3. The shoes are definitely too pretty to be re-fashioned. What double-good finding. Mind you, glitter loafers look equally exciting. I'm intrigued to know how your planned project will work out when you find suitable shoes to re-work, and whether the glitter will stay put.

  4. Sporty chic, momwons dzalian da Miu Miu <3



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