Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Georgia: Mariam's World

Meet Mariam Saakashvili and her creations.  Mariam graduated from Tbilisi Academy of Art in 1996 with the degree in Fashion Design.  Mariam has a blog Lokokina and also sells her illustrations on Etsy.  Please check out her Etsy shop and contact her with any questions about her work and/or shipping information.  She also has photos of her work displayed on Flickr.  Please check that out as well, you won't be disappointed.  The whimsical illustrations below are watercolor on paper.

However, my favorite works by Mariam Saakashvili are her paper dolls made using vintage candy wrappers from her personal collection (as a child, Mariam collected candy wrappers).  Each doll is lovingly given a name and has her own personality.  It was painfully difficult to chose images from her collection for this blog post.  Each paper doll is beautiful and unique.  It's a shame that talented artists like Mariam are not able to monetize their talent in the parts of the world like Georgia...  If anybody buys her work, that would be quite noble thing to do.  Thank you!

As I mentioned earlier. Mariam Saakashvili created quite an impressive collection of images and I just had to choose a few for my blog (organized by color by me).   I love Mariam's use of color, but my absolute favorite doll is dressed in black, gold and silver:

In the Mountains of Spain

I hope you like Mariam Saakashvili's work as much as I do.
All images posted with the artist's permission and are from her Flickr gallery. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Featured on Odyssey Home

Thank you so much, Stephanie, for featuring my fake ice-cube creations on your blog Odyssey Home.  Stephanie's style is minimalistic and elegant.  She usually dresses in black and white which normally would cause me to yawn, but Stephanie makes black and white look totally mesmerizing.  I've been hooked on her blog for several years now (2 or 3?) and thought that my ice-cube ring was just right for Stephanie.  I was surprised to learn that she actually used to have a similar ring by Marc Jacobs (I was unaware of that ring).  Her old ring broke and now she has a replacement.  Funny, how it worked out all on it's own...

if anyone is interested, I can make another ring like the one in pictures and sell it on my Etsy for about $12.99.   Available for $9.99 on my Etsy.

On the 14th, we celebrated my birthday.  There is no special post this year simply because it's been too busy.  You can see my last year's birthday post here.
To recap 2012, I have continued on my path of self discovery learning to listen and trust my own heart and intuition.  And as a result, I am becoming more confident and less self-doubting.  It's a very slow process, I want an over-night change.  But I know I will get there eventually.  All I need to do is sit back and let God take control, which is so difficult to do.  My prayer lately, is very simple:

May Your will be done, not mine...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Currently hunting for a similar varsity/bomber jacket at my local Goodwill stores...  I already raided my husband's closet hoping to find his college jacket but nope, did not see any there. 

via eBay

via ASOS
via Street Peeper

 ...and I am also hunting for some inexpensive and sorry looking loafers so that I can DIY my own pair of these Miu Miu shoes by applying tons of glitter :)
miu miu glitter loafers via Refinery 29

I ran across these beauties (below) but they are too pretty to be re-fashioned.  Don't you think?

coming soon to my Etsy

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fiber One Snackcessory DIY Challenge

I am very excited to share with you Fiber One Snackcessory Challenge information that was emailed to me last week.  Fiber One Bars and Brownies is sponsoring Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February 2013.  I am so hoping to win the Grand Prize (a trip for two to MBFW in February) and meet celebrity style expert Bobbie Thomas.  I had not entered yet, but will do so as soon as my DIY Snackcessory is ready.

Enter your own submission before September 30, 2012 on Fiber One website.  See their official rules here.

Here are some of my own DIY minaudieres and small clutches that could serve as inspiration:

DIY gold bar clutch, DIY string ring and DIY gold and blue nails: see the tutorials HERE

all three McQueen inspired minaudieres DIY tutorial HERE

DIY fake ice-cube case, tutorial HERE

Good luck!


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