Friday, August 3, 2012

Kids Activities: Rainbow Volcano and Rainbow Ice "Sculptures"

Seems like this summer flew by in a blink of an eye.  I looked through our summer pictures and decided to highlight two simple but fun activities. 

Rainbow Volcano
What we used: 

empty plastic water bottle
baking soda 
white vinegar
dishwasing detergent
liquid food coloring (any color combination) - ours came in squeezable little bottles which was really handy

When making home-made volcano, usually you build a play-dough "mountain" around an empty plastic water bottle.  We've never done that.  You can set your bottle in the dirt, sand, or small rocks  or find some other way to keep the bottle sturdy.  We have a volcano looking plastic base (salvaged from some other toy) that we use for all our home-made volcanoes.  I usually instruct kids to place the ingredients in the bottle in the following order: soda, vinegar, 2-3 drops of dishwashing detergent, water.  When volcano starts "erupting" add desired food coloring drop by drop.  I give my children a whole package of backing soda and let them experiment with the quantities.  This activity is cheap and lots of fun.  

Rainbow Ice "Sculptures"
What we used:

several balloons filled with water and pre-frozen overnight
large plastic containers to hold your "sculptures" 
ideally, only other thing you need is a package of liquid food coloring.  since we ran out of food coloring we used craft washable paint mixed with water and a pipette (dropper).   

Rinse frozen balloons with warm water and peel off the balloons as shown below:

Let the children pour salt:

and start coloring drop by drop:

Have fun!


  1. so cool! my daughter has been asking to make a volcano. I think we will let her try your version. (Especially now that we have some extra time before school starts here;)

  2. It is always more fun if it makes a mess!

  3. Maya - I boookmaked this one - check out my Saturday post!

  4. These are really cool ideas! My kid would get a kick out of seeing that volcano!

  5. ok, i have to remember these! im always looking for ideas to keep the kids busy!! in fact, i'm going to fill up those water balloons tonight!


    1. Just wanted to tell you that we tried this tonight! Kids had fun!



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