Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Georgia: Teya Jewelry

 Katya Zharkova is wearing:
Necklaces: Elodie (Citrin; Amethyst; Onyx; Smoky Topaz; Blue and Beige Quartz)
M Valentia
M Verada
Jaden Leora
And Giorgina Cocktail Ring

Every once in awhile I try to post My Georgia series which is intended to introduce an average person to my home country of Georgia.  These posts are just quick tidbits about traditions, culture, food and people of Georgia.  Today I'd like to introduce you to a lady whom I never met in person. But because of her kindness and generosity I consider her to be my friend (we have mutual friends and now with Facebook seems like definition of word "friend" is quickly changing for better or worse).
Meet Teya Beradze, the jewelry designer behind Teya Jewelry.  She is originally from Georgia now residing in New York.  Teya turns semi-precious stones, crystal, pearls and vintage jewels from around the world combined with sterling silver and 14kt gold into truly exquisite elegance.   Every piece is crafted by hand, therefore, every piece is one-of-a-kind.  More info and purchase details can be found on  Here are some of my favorite ones (all photos from Teya Jewelry Facebook page).

Double Lily jaw-dropping necklace


  1. Added her to my list of favorite designers! Thanks! These lilies are fabulous.

  2. That chunky green ring is absolutely wonderful! x

  3. Those pieces are so patrician looking and yet have a very modern twist!

  4. Oh, Maya, these truly are beautiful pieces. I noticed her huge green ring in the photo - that's amazing - but my favourite has to be the double lily.

    And I feel the new definition of friend is absolutely for the better: because we still haven't actually met, and yet I consider you a 'good friend'.

    As my other once virtual turned real friend Stephanie (Style Odyssey) would say: hugs across the pond.

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