Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY: Rain Jacket Embellished with Scrapbooking Rain Drop Stickers

After several weeks of very dry weather it's finally raining here.  My old umbrella broke and while shopping for the new umbrella I somehow ended up with this clear rain jacket from Performance Bicycle

It's made with vinyl fabric and has mesh side panels.  The jacket is cute but a bit boring and was begging to be embellished.  I attached Cloud9 Rain Dots (5 packages) to the back and shoulders.  The dots are self-adhesive (actually they are from JoAnns scrapbooking section) but just to make sure I sealed each dot with clear nail polish.

here's my new rain jacket styled over snakeskin print shirt (the shirt is available on my Etsy)


  1. It looks GREAT with the snakeskin under it! That adds a whole other dimension!

  2. I love the clear and the high low hem! What a great use of scrap booking supplies, you never know what you're going to find in that aisle. Looks like a great rainy day project :)

  3. Great update! Pretty raindrops on the rain jacket. And I agree is Sara, the scrapbooking aisle is a treasure trove!

  4. Cool idea. They look like raindrops.

  5. So ingenious! It turned out great and it's super unique :D Quick question, is the adhesive permanent? I was wondering if I could embellish a bag or a shirt with that kind of sticker.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I just left a comment on your blog answering your question. Thanks for visiting :)



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