Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY: Lifesaver Wreath


16" Styrofoam wreath ring - JoAnns
Red and White Duck Tape - JoAnns, Walmart etc.
General purpose rope - Home Depot
Stars for decoration - I used my kids' glow in the dark stars like these from Amazon.
just an idea: one can use real starfish like these
Blue paint (if decide to paint the stars), Clear Acrylic Sealer spray, nail file (optional)
Hot glue gun

wrap the Styrofoam ring with white Duck tape

next: apply four stripes with red Duck tape and hot glue the stars

As I mentioned earlier, I used my children's glow in the dark plastic stars.  I painted them with blue acrylic paint, sprayed with clear acrylic sealer and filed with my nail file.
For my rope I used yellow general purpose polypropylene braided rope from Home Depot (about 12' folded in two).

hot glue rope to the "lifesaver" in several symmetrical spots...

and secure with Duct tape (optional)

The ends are simply tied together.  Isn't this a great project for the 4th of July?!  Also, great for any nautical themed party or summer pool party.  

could be used as a pool/patio/wall decoration or even as a window wreath (it's lightweight)


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