Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get A Life

Photographic print tees at Walmart - $10.97

Bargain Alert: Palm Tree Prints and Surfer Tees at Walmart
As I was following my routinely (almost daily, sigh) path through our local Super Walmart, I first stopped at their Children's Crafts aisle (mandatory stop) and then made a beeline to their Toys Department.  As I was passing Man's Clothing area (on my way to Toys) these bright and cheerful photographic print tees caught my eye.  Beautiful palm trees and surfers looked definitely like a sign of a good relaxing life (by the way the brand is called Get A Life).  However, tees with realistic burgers, hotdogs and beer were ugly and repulsive (unless of course you want to purchase them as a gag gift).  The price: $10.97!
I inspected the shirts and decided man's size Small or XSmall would work for a girl.  Also, if you can sew, you can make a beautiful skirt with palm trees or surfers and ocean waves.  But I don't think the tees are long enough to make a mini dress out of them :(
These looks I've compiled are not refined, so please bear with me and use your imagination dreaming what this COULD look like if you styled it right.

Hawaiian shirt - thrifted/ ocean waves and surfer tee - Walmart

yes, a bit tacky but can be refined

possibly a skilled seamstress can turn tee into skirt?

thrifted wrap skirt with ocean "watercolor" print

image via HonestlyWTF

We Are Handsome via Style Bubble, about $300
We Are Handsome - The Anchorage mini dress, $385
Jimmy Choo acrylic clutch via Net-A-Porter, $795

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