Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sporty Chic (Team USA)

raffia and mesh cap - buy it on Etsy
USA top - Limited (very old)
black maxi dress and shoes - Ross or TJ Maxx

My interpretation of sporty chic is about combining sporty items with the girly ones.  I like the look of the sporty top and black maxi dress. 

vintage sporty or travel bag - buy it HERE

vintage tennis bag - buy it on my Etsy SOLD

hubby's old baseball jersey
Also, mesh is associated with sporty trend. I found this fabulous black mesh and sequin poolside coverup (below) at Goodwill-brand new with tags.  I thought it could be used as a light jacket this summer.  I think it's beautiful.

As I mentioned above, the raffia and mesh cap is for sale on my Etsy.  One could add a personal touch to any blank baseball cap with having it embroidered or handpainted. 

my own cap with American flag (embroidered) and Georgian flag (handpainted)
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  1. Really Stylish mom :) Love it

    Kisses Sophie and Anna :*

  2. thanks for stopping by. come visit anytime .

  3. a long black knit dress like yours is really versatile. :)

  4. you're a really cute mommy. I like your sporty look with a feminine touch. I think I have to learn to dress like that...I am a soccer and tennis mom, but not dressed like one though. boys will be happy to see me dress so cool like you...;-)The vintage bags are so adorable. I am going to check out your shop. Thanks for dropping by to say HI! and helping me reach 500. Woopee! Have a wonderful week!

  5. The tennis bag brings back memories of my parents' tennis-playing days in the '70s.

  6. I love that first photo and great talent making a sweatshirt and a baseball cap look chic!

    I love the butterfly belt by the way. Haven't had a chance to style it yet but is super cute. Thank you.

  7. Ah, Maya! Mrs. Sporty Chick! ; )

    I have missed visiting here so much: I've been on a 'blog fast' for months now and after hearing from you I had to stop by (and Mrs. Odyssey is next ; )

    I love the yin/yang of this. And I agree: a long knitted maxi dress is the equivalent of say, ketchup, in terms of larder essentials in the kitchen. I have one - no idea where I got it, must be decades old by now - doesn't wrinkle, a kind of fine rib synthetic but surprisingly well made. And I love that bag. And your hubby's shirt! And that sheer hoodie. Now on to the eggplant caviar recipe... but first, a big hug from London!


  8. cute
    love the wedges
    Check out my GIVEAWAY -

  9. OMG, that vintage tennis bag is so cute!!! that would be so fun to have.




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