Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Georgia: Red Easter Eggs

our red Easter Eggs
Usually we celebrate Easter American style with Easter bunny and colorful eggs filled with candy.  This year I decided to introduce Orthodox Easter tradition of dyeing eggs red to my kids.  Red eggs are the symbol of Christ's blood and rebirth.  In Eastern Europe they also bake Paska - traditional Easter yeast bread.  A friend told me Paska is really hard to make so I did not even try.
In Georgia they traditionally use plant roots (strawberry roots???) which was impossible for me to find in Tennessee.  That's why we used Rit dye (Scarlet Red) instead (not safe for eating).  While eggs were warm we decorated them with crayons with children's names and crosses.  You can dye eggs red with onion skins or other natural dyes.

eggs decorated with colorful melting crayons
Some of my favorite pictures of my children are Easter pictures we used to take every year when they were little.  Have a great Easter!
Cordell and Nina (Nina's first Easter), 2006

Cordell and Nina (Nina's first Easter), 2006


  1. So sweet, Have a wonderful easter.

  2. Oh ! lovely !!! I'll do that with my son next year !!!



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