Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Georgia: Flora in Caucasus

I remember after being away from home for several years (far away from home, all the way across the ocean), it was utterly exciting, strange and special to come across some flora that I recognized from back home.  It is not surprising that after being in the U.S. for 18 years now, I had to have Flora in Caucasus by Hans Heiner Buhr.  This book is available from
This is a collection of beautiful photographs of mostly wild flowers identified by their Latin name and by the location the photos were taken at.  It's truly a treasure for me and I'm planning on ordering more for my sister and my friends.  If the embedded image below doesn't work for you please try this link.  You should be able to view the entire book!

Flora im Kaukasus by Hans Heiner Buhr | Make Your Own Book

I used to have a small garden of my own around our gazebo.  That was until we got Louie (Black Lab and Golden Retriever mix).  He ate all my plants and practically destroyed my beautiful garden.  I used to have some flowers that were also common in Georgia and the Caucasus region.  The photos below are from my own garden from several years back (pre-puppy era). 

Fox Glove (blooming) and Hostas


Georgia Blue (my favorite!)

Pincushion Flower

Louie, caught red-handed eating my Yarrow (photos taken last year)
our garden BEFORE we got Louie :)


  1. OMG so beautiful flowers.Just in love ♥

  2. Do you miss yellow mimosa? I miss it sorely...

  3. Louie, Louie! The Plant-Eating Dog!! ; )

    He reminds me exactly of our very dog-like cat, whose official name is Tigger but is so clearly reincarnated that we simply call him our previous cat's name, Pooh. He has no interest in eating plants, tho: his thing is rubber bands, hair bands: they kept disappearing until I realised he was eating them! And his passion in life is flying through the air chasing pigeon fathers tied to a thread. (Luckily he is easily amused, as his world is pretty small: we don't let him loose outside. The one time we took him to our garden square, the smell of foxes had him paralysed with fear).

    These flowers are gorgeous. I'm inspired now to do a floral post. We had hostas in our childhood home, and I love the way you've paired them with fox glove. And of course the Georgia blue! Is that their name?

    Amazing that you were able to post the whole book. Gonna go look at it, soon as I send this - with a virtual kiss! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Jill. Yes, Georgia Blue is the real name of this plant (Veronica Umbrosa). It was first discovered in Georgia (the country) as a wild flower and was brought to the U.S. in 70's. I've accidentally came across it several yrs ago at Home Depot or Lowes and of course had to have it. It's the first flower blooming in my garden every spring. And by the way, the only flower Louie had left alone as if he new it's special to me ;)



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