Friday, April 20, 2012

Kids Activities: Creative Ways to Practice Spelling with Children

Each child is unique.  I know this from my own experience: my son and daughter are opposites in so many ways.  My son learns easily with "traditional" methods where as my daughter is creative and very artistic; therefore she learns quicker if taught creatively. 
To practice spelling Nina enjoys writing with or on:  Dry Erase board, chalk on chalkboard or on sidewalk, window crayons on our kitchen windows (my favorite).
More ideas are Aquadoodle mat and Play-Doh "spaghetti" or sharpie on foil.  All give different experiences, textures and are tons of fun!  Creative alternatives to the plain old pen and paper ;)

Nina Aquadoodling her spelling words

making play-doh "spaghetti" for spelling words

Nina's spelling words "written" with play-doh

Cordell using sharpie on a piece of foil while waiting for the school-bus in our foyer

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  1. fun ideas...I haven't yet found what will work for my son!




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