Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY: Lace Heart Applique Tee

Made this lace heart-shaped applique for Nina back in February and forgot to share with you.  I don't think heart designs are just for Valentine's so here we go...
First, choose your cotton shirt and lace fabric.  I decided to do gray on gray, but you could improvise with shirt color and lace color.  Other cute options for lace are black or pink (all available at JoAnns Fabric Stores). 

I liked the look of gray lace on gray shirt
Then, draw and cut out our own simple heart-shaped pattern from a newspaper:

newspaper pattern
Using the pattern cut out your shape from the lace fabric.

I used Elmer's Craftbond Adhesive Spray Glue only first, but it did not look so permanent to me.  So I ended up hand-stitching my lace applique to the shirt using Invisible Nylon Thread.



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