Friday, April 20, 2012

Animal Instinct

my wolf tee (from The Mountain) worn with my Old Navy military jacket
the back of my wolf tee - DIY writing with fabric paint
As if this wolf design was not cheesy enough I decided to personalize it with Steve Jobs' quote "Stay hungry, Stay foolish".  The only problem is when I wear this shirt I cannot get rid of a pesky tune in my head that goes something like "hungry like the wolf" by Duran Duran.  Oh, dear, what have I done?!  I now wish I'd gone with my other cheesy options like "Eat Meat" or "Trust Your Instincts".  

O, well!  At least my wolf shirt has only one wolf face and not three.  The comments on for this infamous three wolves shirt are just hilarious!   You have to check them out if you're having a bad day and need a good laugh. 
Have I told you about The Mountain yet?  The Mountain is the company behind those large face animal shirts.  Some so cheesy some so cool!

hey! this girl stole my tiger shirt (The Mountain White Tiger Face/ Street Style via)

The Mountain Rottweiler Face tee/ Givenchy Rottweiler tee

The Mountain Silverback Portrait/ Christopher Cane tee via
The Mountain Black Panther Face tee resembling Givenchy or Topshop Black Panther tees


  1. Son impresionates, sobre todo el vestido. Lo necesito ya.

  2. I definitely need that t-shirt! :)

  3. I just hit my head of my desk from laughing so hard at the amazon link. Thanks. You have cool hand writing,love the quote. now i have that song in my head...thanks :)

  4. I have that song in my head now! LOL
    Love the Tee & the quotes!
    Wendy :)

  5. Wow ! I'm impressed by the painted letters you did, it's beautiful !!!

  6. Love that shirt with the green jacket!

  7. I love The Mountain)) I even have two of their tank tops ( and because I really love wolves)))

  8. I love your wolf t-shirt!!!!!!
    where you bought it?

  9. I bought mine at Walmart, but it is also available online (more expensive online, than at Walmart). Try this link:


  10. Oh - I saw this on LookBible and thought at first you'd DIY'd yours! I remember when I started streetstyle shooting - at my first London fashion week, everyone was wearing the Christopher Kane animal tee shirt/dresses. In fact, the background of that shot looks like Somerset House.
    I kind of hate the gorilla ones, but I LOVE your wolf one - and how you paired it with the jacket. Gonna re-post it on LookBible.

    Oh darn it, Maya, even as I type this, I can already tell that Duran Duran song is going to be stuck in my head all day! Well at least it's replaced 'it's the end of the world as we know it' which has been playing since last August, when my friend Joe first told me about the 21st December.

    Happy 12.12.12.!! xox



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