Thursday, April 5, 2012

1980s Target Commercial... Pastel colors that command attention!

Just came across this 1980s commercial and had to share it with you.  I think when styling pastels today it's important to keep in mind not to look like this.  I'm not making fun of the commercial.  I'm sure this was very cute and stylish in 80s.  Today I would style pastels with black, gray or chocolate brown.  Lacey pastels also look heavenly.

Love the skirt on a little girl.  I think I had a pair of denim pants in exact same shade of peach back then!


  1. And the socks - how cool! Loving the pastels - right in time for Easter-spring

  2. lol love the commercial
    i am pretty sure i sported every one of those looks in the 80's

  3. Just shows why the 80s have never grabbed me as a decade of style inspiration! I love the ice cream and sorbet-like hues of all the spring pastels around at the moment.



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