Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simply Bold: twig bracelet and rings DIY tutorial

Spring has sprung and it's time to get outside and collect some fresh willow twigs and turn them into these beautiful bracelets and rings.  Meet Kristina of Simply Bold blog and see how she made these HERE.

courtesy of Simply Bold
I've seen several twig bracelet DIY's but have to say really like Kristina's version, especially her rings.  Re-posted with author's permission. 


  1. What a great use of natural materials. It would be great to have a whole armful of these and then to take photos among the willow trees that the twigs were pruned from.

  2. LOVE this again because it's hard to find bracelets that fit my wrists! thank you for this! i'm definitely going to attempt this one.

    yeah, bear is really cute...he's got so much extra skin around his face. he is actually my sistrer's dog, but he comes to the office everyday that i spend more time with him than i do my own dog. bear is a lab/chow, and before this my sister had a lab/golden, too. they are great dogs.




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