Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY: Wooden Beaded Purse Makeover

Tribal Beaded clutch, vintage and handpainted, buy HERE SOLD
Inspired by Aboriginal Dot Painting, I painted neon Chevron detail on this thrifted beaded purse.  I used neon yellow and neon pink acrylic paint and sealed with Mod-Podge Sealer spray.  Other ideas for an old beaded purse are all neon perhaps with spray-paint or going with true aboriginal colors of brown, black, white,and burnt orange.  Here is the photo of my inspiration:

Aboriginal Dot Painting, source
AFTER, I completed the makeover, I decided to research the maker: The SAK, Elliott Lucca.  Turns out this is a famous bag maker and I probably should have left the purse alone.  I feel like an idiot now.

How about you?  Do you like before or after?
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  1. what a great idea - i love it!

  2. yes, the sak does collaborations like these. these are two different looks, and i like them both...but the AFTER would be my choice!


  3. Fantastic! Bright and quirky and fabulous. You are such an inspiration. x

  4. such a great idea! i love the update on the beaded bag, and your inspiration of dot painting is so cool.

  5. Great idea! The colors are awesome! x

  6. I like the afte, Maya.
    You have done so well.
    I love the photo of you with your beautiful children.

  7. What a great makeover! Certainly a lot snazzier now!



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