Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY: Pastel Mint Belt

Left - ASOS belt; Right - my DIY version
OK, so what if you want something NOW but don't see it in stores near you and you don't like ordering on-line?  I wanted a mint belt and thought I'd try to "make" it myself using acrylic paint mixed with textile medium.  Of course, you could use real leather paint, but good luck finding pastel mint color.
Sorry, I don't have before picture for this project.  I didn't think I'd be posting about it, but then decided to go ahead.

supplies used for this DIY plus Mod-Podge Sealer (not pictured)

Talbots genuine leather belt that originally was white
What I used:
white leather belt - Talbots via Goodwill for $1.99
Folk Art acrylic paint in Jamaican Sea
Textile medium 
Mod-Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer spray
sandpaper, brush, painters blue tape

Textile medium mixed with acrylic paint makes your paint job soft and flexible.  That's why I decided to use textile medium on my leather belt since it would be flexed a lot.  So far, so good.  No cracks on my belt.

First, I sanded the leather belt.  Then I applied blue tape to the back part just to make sure I don't get paint there.  I mixed my paint and textile medium (1:2 ratio) and applied 2-3 layers.  After all dry spray with the sealer.  That's it!  I had all the supplies for this project at home except for the belt ($1.99) and Jamaican Sea acrylic paint ($1.59).  ASOS belt is not expensive either ($10.74) but I believe they are out of stock.  Besides, mine is genuine leather and theirs is 100% polyurethane ;)  What do you think?

This DIY was featured on Carly's Chic Steals!


  1. I never would have guessed you painted this yourself. Actually, I never would have guessed a leather belt could be painted but it looks like it turned out great. Mint is one of my favorite colors right now, can't wait to see what you pair it with!

  2. The belt looks great! I've been wanting something minty but haven't found anything yet!

  3. I think you've done a great job, in fact lots better than the Asos one as yours is leather and should last years longer! x

  4. that's so cool! and I like your version better than the Asos one.

  5. Fantastic - and it will spice up so many shirts and dresses!

  6. Awesome. I've been wanting to try painting leather but was afraid it would crack. I guess textile medium is the secret ingredient.

  7. great idea
    i am laughing b/c i have been on the search for some mint green pants
    maybe i could just paint a pair of those too lol

    1. i'm laughing too because if I could wear skinny jeans and could not find my color, I would definitely consider dyeing white pair of jeans with Rit dye. THey have a beautiful new line of pastel colors. Check these links out:

  8. I didn't know even belts could be painted! This one looks like mint has always been its color, it's perfect, i'm impressed!

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