Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bright Blue Love

vintage blue shirt-dress all buttoned up, without belt

beautiful collar and matching belt
Green is my favorite color, and always will be.  However, bright blue is in close second.  I've been obsessively buying everything bright blue lately.  To update this vintage dress (above) I changed its regular hem into chic asymmetric one.  Do you like it?  I wore it last October for Oleg Timchenko's exhibihion in New York (see below).  Sorry, my NY picture are blurry.  I accessorized with gold and tribal:  golden purse, golden choker my DIY hardware bracelet, and my DIY skull earrings

New York, Oleg Timchenko's exhibition; with new friend Victoria
with friends Inna and Thea (the organizers of this fun event and the curators of InArtGallery)
I'm in the middle :)
You can view more photos from this exhibition HERE.  The same link will also allow you to purchase Oleg's works. 
blue+bright tribal=LOVE (source not sure?)
Here are my other blue purchases.  Also vintage, also modernized with accessories. 

my other blue vintage dress with bright "voodoo" accessories (posted here)

blue splattered dress with neutral accessories (posted here)

vintage blue clutch; vintage tulip skirt in bright blue, red and yellow  (posted here)
How about you?  Do you like blue?  How do you style it?

Thrifters Anonymous


  1. Gorgeous colors...i love that first dress. The color is just vibrant and youthful!

  2. Great colour!

  3. i am all about the brights right now

  4. I've been looking for anything in this color lately, and I love how you did the asymmetrical hem on the first dress. I bought a skirt at Goodwill to do that do but I haven't had the nerve to take the scissors to it yet :)

    1. Go for it, Sara! I would not hesitate especially with your sewing skills! If you're in time crunch how about leaving hem raw. What type of fabric is it? My dress is polyester and I now wish I'd left the hem raw. Not sure though if you can get away with it at work :(
      But definitely go for asymmetric hem!

  5. I think that top dress looks amazing on you. The colour and style is perfect. My favourite so far! Its suits your colouring perfectly and love the accessories = bet you wowed them all with those skull earings. BTW, your friends look incredibly chic too, very European!

  6. so chic. bright blue is gorgeous on you!

  7. You're shining in this "bleu Klein" !!! Thanks for your lovely comments !
    I found my sweater in the Montreuil flea market of Paris, I had it for 1 euro !!!

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  9. the white and blue one is my favorite!
    Beautiful dresses!

  10. I love this blue! I think the styling should be very minimal though, as the color is so big. xx

  11. Love bright blue. Working on a bright blue throw right now from thrifted stuff. Ditto that its a great color on you. Bye bye Soccer Mom for sure.

  12. You look fabolous :) Really cute and stylish :)
    have a nice day dear :)
    Kisses :*
    Sophie and Anna

  13. bright blue items are always fabulous, it's an awesome color!

  14. Cobalt blue is one of my favourite colours and it looks beautiful on you. x

  15. lamazi peria:) dzalian gamixarda rom qartveli xart:)

  16. great outfit, that colour is amazing!!! :)

  17. I love the brilliant electric blue! =)

  18. i love the dress. and i like your blog <3
    keep posting ^^
    Giorgi Sarishvili-Wazowski

  19. I love the color cobalt- and what a great color to wear for spring!

  20. It's a fabulous color on you! I'm getting very into that shade too, because my designing friend Stacy Lomman uses it a lot!

  21. maya, you look great in that blue shirt dress! i like blue, but the color i (surprisingly) have a lot of in my closet is purple! and now pink!


  22. Who doesn't love blue? So gorgeous.

  23. The blue is so stunning, we love it! So pretty!

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Vantage Point Vintage on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


  24. Like Krystle Carrington :-)

  25. Oh, yeah! Blue is your color ... so bright, so fresh, so full! Love all those items you chose. Absolutely wonderful!

  26. Love the blue!! and that shirt dress is amazing! Right now, I'm searching for similar style dress, but without any success:)

  27. I liked the first blue vintage dress and accessories with it, well done ;)

  28. I am in love with blue right now. it is such a gorgeous color and you look fab in it :)



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