Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogger Tips on Search Engine Optimization and How to Add the "Pin It" button

There are many websites out there offering free technical advise for bloggers.  Unfortunately, some instructions work and some don't.  It can get really frustrating especially for someone like me who is not techie at all.  I found these two websites very helpful and decided to share them with you.

Thanks to Blogger Sentral I was finally able to SEO blogger page title.  Already confused?  I was too, but this is something any blogger on blogspot needs to do. 
Everyone knows page title should include keywords of your post topic to optimize search.  In my own words, when someone Googles wooden beaded purse makeover (which is the title of my previous post), I want my post to come up on top (if not first).  If you are on blogspot blogger, you are in disadvantage because search engine gives priority to your blog title (Soccer Mom Style in my case) over your post title (diy: wooden beaded purse makeover - the title of my last post).  Chances of someone looking up a topic typing in my blog title (Soccer Mom Style) are very slim.  So to optimize your search you need to change some coding on your blog.  But first, make sure to backup your template just in case something goes wrong. 
Note, because I am technically challenged I am not giving you specific instructions.  For very clear and easy-to-follow instructions please refer to THIS link on Blogger Sentral. 

The second  website I'd like to recommend is Blogs By Heather.  How difficult adding the simple "Pin It" button (this is different from the "Follow Me on Pinterest" button) to each Blogger post could be?  Apparently, it can get frustrating because when I tried to follow Pinterest's directions, I was unable to install it.  In THIS link Heather clearly explains an alternative way of adding little "Pin It" button to each post (it now shows at the bottom of each of my posts). 
Let me know if you found these links helpful. 
Good luck and keep blogging!
Please don't rely on this post for any technical advice but refer to the links I provided. 


  1. Great idea! It took me couple of hours to find where and what to do, but thanks to you I have "pin it" button! Big thank you!
    xx Nina

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