Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY: Heart Shaped Valentine's Wreath with Coffee Filters

I decided to make a Valentine's wreath.  The only condition was: I could NOT buy anything.  All the supplies needed had to be already on hand in my house.
You can find many tutorials online on how to make a coffee filter wreath.  However, some of the tutorials call for dyeing each coffee filter one by one.  I'll show you how to make these beautiful pink paper flowers by dyeing coffee filters in only 3-4 batches.

Supplies used:
large piece of cardboard (you do save your large amazon boxes, don't you?!)
utility knife
medium glass or plastic round container for dye-bath
screwdriver (preferably Phillips head)
longnose or needlenose pliers
a package of 8-12 cup basket-style coffee filters (I had a package of 200 but still have plenty leftover)
small amount of red poster paint (or red water color)
medium or large craft brush
yarn or ribbon for hanging
strong tape

First, prepare your dye-bath:
Fill your container with cold water only about 1" deep.  Dip your brush in red paint and then rinse it in dye-bath water.  Divide your package of coffee filters in several batches (sorry I have no idea how many coffee filters I had in each batch).  Place the coffee filters one batch at a time into your dye-bath as shown below and remove immediately.  This gives you a beautiful ombre effect. 

dip-dyeing coffee filters in large batches speeds up the process considerably

Load wet brush with small amount of paint and slightly touch-up the edges of coffee filters (still in large batches).  Repeat the process with each batch.

Place the batches of coffee filters on some old towel to dry for several ours or overnight. 

With the utility knife cut a desired shape out of cardboard.  I ended up with two shapes.  One 13X16" heart "outline" shape (about 2.5" wide) and the smaller solid heart shape (the middle part of the whole).
In any case, just choose you own shape and poke holes with the screwdriver all over the cardboard (you can draw your dots first with a pencil).  The holes should be about 1.5" apart.
I punched too many holes, so ended up not using all of them...

Next, is an important step and it will speed up your project significantly in the end.
With the tip of longnose or needlenose pliers widen each hole to about 1/4" in diameter (of course, you could skip making holes altogether and just hot glue your flowers to the cardboard but I did not want to mess with hot glue this time).  
Separate dry coffee filters and make flowers (roses?) by pinching the middle and twisting as shown below:

Thread each flower through the holes in the cardboard. 

Repeat until you fill most of the holes.

You can use the finished wreath as a decoration around the house or make a hanger with a piece of ribbon or yarn and hang it on your front door.  Happy Valentine's Day.

back side of the wreath is not so pretty, but nobody sees it


  1. Absolutely brilliant, my dear Maya. You are the best DIY ever, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I thought you stopped blogging for a while.
    So glad to have you back.

  2. this is totally my speed! love this! looks like carnations, too! hope you are doing well....i checked in a few times and i was happy to see your comment.

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  3. I love how cute this came out and finally a DIY I actually could duplicate. Probably. ;)

  4. Oh its lovely! Really happy-making - you could wear one as a corsage even...

  5. I love the idea! I can use the painted flowers in so many projects I have in mind!

  6. Hi, I just ran across this on google and I *love* it! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  7. BRILLIANT! I just found this on Pinterest and can't wait to make one! I did the giant hot glue wreath a few years ago but this looks so much more fun than burning my fingertips off! ;)

  8. Adorable! Pinning this to make this year! And I love the fact that it's so frugal!

  9. If you don't want to see the back (thru a glass door) just cut out an extra cardboard heart, paint it red, and glue it to the back :)

  10. Thanks for the idea! I made a couple of the wreaths and reviewed my experience at:
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  11. genial me gusta voy intentar hacerlo gracias por el envió

  12. genial me gusta voy intentar hacerlo gracias por el envió

  13. Such a great idea! I'm Danielle and I blog over at I am creating a post of cool Valentine day decorations, and love this! May I use a picture in my collage? I will be sure to link your picture back to you. Thanks so much!

    1. Sure Danielle, you can use any photos from this post. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  14. I look for simple crafts to do with an elderly friend. Going to try this, but maybe instead of paint, will try coloring tips with magic markers. May take a while, but thats ok.

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  17. This is absolutely gorgeous. The tutorial is quite easy to follow. I'm surely gonna make one or several in contrasting colours.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

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  18. I made one as it was a total accomplishment! Super easy and cute!

  19. This is gorgeous. I made a circle one similar to this last year. I never thought about adding paint to the outside, then dipping it into water.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your craft! I cannot wait to do this with my daughters this weekend!



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