Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY: Valentine's Craft With Paper Doily

Do you remember my red sparkle heart tee I did last year after seeing one on Taylor Swift in In-Style magazine?   Back then I used plain old craft glitter.  The design come out so stiff that I've been searching for a better product since then...  and that better product is Plaid's Silk Screen Glitter  used with Simply Screen Adhesive
A few weeks ago, I received a gift from lovely Bromeliad - glitter fabric paints and silk screen glitter.  I have already made several things with kids.  Here is a tutorial for an easy Valentines shirt for a girl using a paper lace heart doily.  I bought my doilies at Target ($1 for a set of 20) but you can find similar ones on-line or in any craft store. 

paper doilies from Target
Plaid's Silk Screen Glitter
sponge or soft brush for applying adhesive

this step is optional: cut out the middle part with X-Acto knife

Prewash, dry and iron the shirt; place the paper "stencil" in the desired position as shown above.

Apply Silk Screen Glitter Adhesive with a sponge or brush; then sprinkle glitter.  Allow to dry 24 hours.  Heat set with a household iron using parchment paper on top of glitter for 30 seconds. 

Instead of glitter you can also use fabric paint as shown below.

here I was experimenting on my daughters pajama shirt with different techniques with black fabric paint

Also, one can simply use heart doilies as stencils on light paper for kids crafts.  For this project I recommend using Do-A-Dot Art markers.


  1. I love this - so simple and so cute!

  2. Thank you for posting with the heat set info! :)



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