Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday to Me!

 blue sweater - gifted, old
tulip skirt - thrifted
MIA gray suede booties -
blue clutch - thrifted purse worn as a clutch
same arm party as in yesterday's post

I've been meaning to do a birthday post but just didn't know what to say.  I turned 40 three weeks ago.  Yesterday finally spent my bday money on a new haircut and highlights.  Probably have gone a little overboard with highlights, but hey! I may be going through my mid-life crisis and if I want bright highlights I'll get em. Ha!
The very young receptionist at the hair salon told me it was OK (she meant OK to be 40), to which I replied: "Heck, yeah it's OK.  It's great.  I am just now starting to live MY life!"...  Those of you who are around my age, are married and/or have small children and/or busy careers know what I'm talking about.  Despite all my health problems, I still have so much ambition and aspirations in me...  almost like a 17 year old (and I was a very very ambitious 17 year old), except wiser and with more experience now.  I don't like staying angry or petty.  Steve Job's words from his famous speech keep ringing in my head:
"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become."

yellow skinny belt (not worn for the outfit) - SteinMart

Tulips in the Fall?  Why not?!  This skirt was almost lost in between all the other old, used skirts at Goodwill.  When it saw me walking by, it practically jumped out at me pleading: "Save me! Please take me home!"  I replied: "Oh yes, I'll take you home baby!  I'll take a very good care of you.  I'll wash you, I'll iron you, I'll style you the way you've never been styled before.  I'll love you for always and I'll give you a new life!"  Wouldn't you have done the same?!  Those colors alone make me drool.
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  1. from sex and the city... 40 and fabulous ! happy birthday !!

  2. Those colours are amazing, Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Be-lated Birthday! It's so encouraging to see how ambitious you are at the age of 40! I still have a decade until I am that age, but I hope to be as enthused as you are when the time comes! :D Love the blues from your outfit and clutch!

  4. You look stunning! Love the highlights and HAPPY BELATED 40th B-DAY. Mine is coming up in couple of years and the girls and I have big aspirations of doing an international all girl's trip.
    Age is just a number it is how old you feel that is important. And I do not feel 38 at all!
    Oh, to answer your question, I was dieting cause with this desk job I have had the last 3 weeks I went from 90% active to 1% and everything started to feel super tight and I am going on a beach vacation in a week!
    Take care.

  5. Happy belated bday! Love the hair!

  6. Happy birthday! And PS, I think hair is a fabulous thing to spend birthday money on, I love the way leaving the salon with a new doo makes you feel.

    Great Goodwill find, as usual :)

  7. Happy birthday! Hope your 40th year is a good one :)

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy birthday ! love your colors !

  10. happy birthday!
    Beautiful pictures, you look radiant!

  11. Happy birthday dear friend.
    The best is still to come, yeahhhhhhhhhhh.
    I love, love your pretty skirt.

  12. happy birthday from Poland :D my blog with DIY

  13. Oh beautiful Maya, in the beautiful tulip skirt: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!

    Shame on me: I came here to reply to your sweet comment and quote from Dorothy ('faith, hope and love will do wonders, but ruby slippers won't hurt either') and here I forgot your birthday.. shame on me for missing it, because you definitely remembered mine. And when we first 'met' (I still can't believe we haven't technically met, in reality) we did talk about how our birthdays are only a day apart. At the time, I was just so caught up in offline, real life that I didn't check facebook.. anyway, no excuses. 40 is such a big one, and yet - this has been my experience - it is the most freeing, transforming birthday.

    It's like when you turn 30: I think these days, all women in their 20s are more or less struggling. And looming, like a big brick wall that they're hurtling towards, is this random date: 30. It feels like death, like your life will end, and then you wake the next day, free of the fear of turning 30, because it doesn't hurt at all.

    Well, aren't you finding in the past few weeks this huge burden lifted, turning 40? I felt like I just wanted to go running around saying to people, hey, I'm 40 now. The worst that could happen, has happened, and I've survived, and now, Life.. bring it on, I can handle it!

    Okay, I'll shut up now. You look as Matter of Style has said, radiant, glorious, and very happy, Birthday Girl.


  14. Happy belated Birthday!! 40 looks unbelievable on you. Looking gorgeous..

  15. Happy Birthday! (I know, too late, I'm so sorry).
    I wish you and your beautiful family all the happiness in the world. And to you, personally - lots of inspiration and creativity, optimism, great health and the best people around you <3
    Hugs and kisses!



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