Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Georgia: Oleg Timchenko's Paintings

Angel (source)
 I am so excited to be able to attend Oleg Timchenko's exhibition in New York on Thursday!!  I am leaving tomorrow and will be back on Sunday.  More photos coming after the trip.
The exhibition is called Come Together and is held at the Art Bazaar in New York (175 7th Ave, N.Y. Corner of 20th Str.)
If you are in New York area from October 25 through November 6 please try to see this.  I am traveling all the way from Tennessee to New York just to see Oleg's works.  They are brought from the country of Georgia (the artist's birthplace). 

Guardian (source)

Nude, courtesy of Hans Buhr

Red Box Full of Jewels (source)

Ophelia (source)

photo courtesy of Hans Buhr

photo courtesy of Hans Buhr

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tennessee Pow Wow 2011 (Part 3)

I'm SURE all you really want to know is what I wore to the festival I've been posting about for the last couple days.  I was actually very uncomfortable being my 6-year old daughter's over-sized twin, but decided to act confident.

horse tee - Walmart
Free People maxi skirt - thrifted
western booties - SteinMart

Nina's dress is made out of an extra large horse tee from Walmart (with JoAnn's white fringe attached at the bottom).  I don't have a sewing machine and did it all by hand.  Her suede purse is thrifted.  Her new cowgirl hat is from Walmart's Halloween section.  I had a suede cowgirl jacket ready for her to wear but it was too warm for it. 

Nina's necklaces:
F21 chain with a girl charm - gifted from her Aunt
dream catcher and crystal necklaces - new purchases from the festival

Cordell's purchases:
coyote tooth and bear claw necklaces, Indian drum

sterling silver horse earrings I bought for myself from one of the vendors

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tennessee Pow Wow 2011 (Part 2)

Indian fry bread with confectioner's sugar. Yum!
Last Saturday I took my kids to the Tennessee Pow Wow 2011.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We had a blast and my kids can't wait to go there again next year (this is becoming our favorite Fall tradition, we went last year too).  We watched the dance contest, ate native fry bread, and got to see beautiful arts and crafts.  Unfortunately, most vendors did not allow photos taken, but here are just a few we were able to take.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY: Fall Inspired Jewelry Organizer

This is an easy and fun Fall inspired project.  I picked up these branches while walking my dog in the nearby park.  To sterilize wood you can actually bake it in the oven at 250F for about 30 min (I did not do this, but have baked drift wood in the past for our hermit crab).  Also, you can spray-paint branches if desired.  For the container, pick something that has a relatively wide base and is not breakable (just in case your project tilts).  To make this stable fill your container with glass vase fillers or small river rocks (I already had glass vase fillers).

I will definitely have to show you more of my stars and the moon necklace (above).  It is so much like Dolce and Gabbana AW2011 star prints.  I found this amazing celestial necklace at my favorite local antiques shop for only $2 or $3 several weeks ago. 
DIY hardware bracelet
The pumpkin bracelet holder was just a joke at first, but then I thought why not?!  Small pumpkin with a long stem = instant natural bracelet holder.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bright Blue Dress + "Voodoo" Accessories

bright blue dress - thrifted
black suede booties - DSW (one of my birthday purchases)
tribal clutch - Target
beaded necklaces, ribcage necklace - Target
Mexican Sugar Skull earrings - DIY
blue bungee cord bracelet - DIY

October is a great month to check out your local Target, Walmart, Kmart etc. for funky accessories.  I bought my ribcage necklace and skull earrings at Target (they had all kinds of spooky jewelry in their Halloween section).  The earrings originally were silver, but I spray-painted them white and decorated with acrylic paint to resemble Mexican sugar skulls.
My kids are on their Fall Break from school, so I will probably not be posting this week much...

here is a cheesy shot of my new highlights ;)

 Thrifters Anonymous

Meet Virginia Design

My Georgia: Caucasian Shepherd Dog (kavkasiuri nagazi)

look at the size of this puppy! (photo courtesy of Hans Buhr)

Georgian breeder and his Caucasian Shepherd (photo courtesy of Hans Buhr)
Caucasian Shepherd is a breed of dog popular in the Caucasus. It is also known by many other names such as Caucasian Sheepdog, Caucasian Mountain Dog, and also ethnic variations such as Kavkasiuri Nagazi (in Georgian).  These dogs are very large in size, courageous and possessive.  Caucasian Mountain dogs are said to be so brave that they would attack a bear or a wolf in order to protect the livestock (perhaps a rumor, but sounds fascinating).  This breed is quite rare and little known outside the Caucasus region.



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