Monday, September 26, 2011

My Georgia Monday: More Vintage Photos

Vladimer Topadze (he was a railroad engineer in Zestafoni) - my Great-grandfater whom I never met

Giorgi Gvelesiani and Matrona Gachechiladze - my Great-great-grandparents (grandad's maternal grandparents)

I don't mean to bore you with old photographs but I think family ties are very important (and since this is a personal blog I'm allowing myself to post these old family photos in hopes that you may take a look).

When I was little (well, not so little probably a teenager) I remember asking my grandad about our family tree.  Believe me, he knew everything there was to know, he was a sharp man.  I still have a piece of paper from one particular conversation with grandad.  On that paper I wrote down six generations of his paternal family line plus a few more from his mom's side.
If you have little children make sure they are close with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.  This gives children a sense of security (I read it somewhere, lol).  My own parents left everything behind and moved all the way across the ocean just to be close to their grandchildren.  What a gift that was!

I know who most of the people below are, but will not bore you with the details.  

this is the back of the previous photo dated October 14, 1910 (addressed to my Great-grandmother from her sister)

Both of my parents come from very humble backgrounds.  I am so glad and frankly surprised to even have these photographs.  I would think 100 years ago it was a big deal to have a picture taken.  Perhaps it was even expensive??  I can only assume...  In any case, I am so thankful these people went through the trouble and now I have these treasures to pass along to my own children.

my son (center) and my daughter with cousins (my sister's triplets) Nashville, Tn. July 2011


  1. These photos are incredible and so important for your family. Understanding of heritage is an important gift for every child. I think this is great that you are documenting it for your kids!

  2. I love looking at vintage photos, even if I don't personally know the people in them. You are so lucky to have these!

  3. Love your posts with vintage pictures !

  4. The Gvelesiani is a great name, I know some Gvelesiani's from Western Georgia (and later Rustavi)



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