Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY: Colorblock Purse with Painted Con-Tact Paper

When I saw Carly's DIY tutorial on how to Colorblock an old bag, I knew I had just the right purse to try this on my own.  However, I wanted to make my project temporary (or removable).  After trying Con-Tact Paper on several other occasions (see here, here, here and here), I knew it would work for this one as well (I still have a whole roll of Con-Tact Paper left over from prior projects).  Love the fact that Con-tact paper is durable, yet can be removed when desired without damaging the surface.  I still have those Con-tact paper metallic tips on my cat-eye sunglasses.  The surface does have to be hard and smooth for applying Con-Tact paper. 
My "guinea pig" purse is a lovely faux leather chocolate thrifted vintage find (Goodwill of course).  Like many other vintage purses it has a hard case: perfect for this project.

What I used:
my vintage purse
Con-Tact Paper from HomeDepot
Acrylic paint
craft brush
scissors or Xacto knife

First, I painted a small piece (about 9"x5") of Con-Tatc Paper with several layers of acrylic paint.  I made my own mix using green, blue, and white colors.  But you can purchase pre-mixed craft pastel mint color if you wish.  Measure your purse and decide how wide your strip would be and cut with scissors or Xacto knife.  Peel the backing and attach to the purse (I did wipe the purse with rubbing alcohol first).  You're done! 

I think pastels are going to be popular in the spring.  Love them especially with contrasting black, chocolate brown, or gray.


  1. be-a-u-ti-ful!!! i didn't know contact paper could be use on leather too. i guess this is why blogland is a great place to be!!! xox, d.

  2. You are always a surprise, dear Maya.
    Love it.

  3. con tact paper? It sounds like the biggest thing after the wheel invention!
    Thanks for letting me know! :D
    P.S. Your bag looks amazing!

  4. Wow ! You gave a second youth to this bag, he's ready for the red carpet !

  5. W O W!!!! You are amazing!

  6. Oh! I am in love with that bag! awww...little Nina looks so cute with her new doo :) So you've been a fan of the zig zag for awhile and I'm loving every piece you have! Hope you are doing great Miya :)

  7. gorgeous! and thanks so much for stopping by to say hi! i'll definitely be following you too! xo erin

  8. You create the coolest projects ever. That shade of blue looks great with black.

  9. Seriously inspired bit of DIY. This is what I love about blog sharing - all sorts of ideas that I would never come across otherwise.

  10. Oh, Maya, this bag looks amazing! First of all - it's my favorite color combination. And second of all - what a great idea and execution! Love-love-love!

  11. Clever girl!

    I like temporary changes, too. Got to get me some con-tact.

  12. This has to be one of my favourite DIY's you have done, so simple and yet it makes such a statement. I might have to try this myself x

  13. You always surprise me with your amazing DIYs. Love the contrast of colours in this x

  14. This bag looks awesome! I might have to try this when some of mine get old :)

  15. The contact paper trick is great! I'm always afraid of doing something that's non-reversible... even if I never reverse it! : ) I think I might DIY something similar! Thanks for the inspiration!
    x Erin

  16. This is so cool. I love DIYs where you can always change it back to its original self in case you are bored!



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