Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee or Tea?

t-shirt - Mossimo Supply (Target) white tee dyed with tea bags
black "boyfriend jacket" - thrifted
pleated green maxi skirt - thrifted
neutral suede wedges - BCBGeneration via Ross or T.J. Maxx
vintage handbag - thrifted

pleated skirt print resembles green coffee beans, does it not?

I dyed the t-shirt below with tea bags sometime ago, but did not take step-by-step photos.  You can find directions on how to dye with tea here.  Apparently, one can also use coffee.  Check coffee dyeing technique here (I had not tried dyeing with coffee).  My t-shirt originally was white (cotton) and came from Target (Mossimo Supply).

tea dyed tee embellished with a bow (JoAnn's trim) attached with a safety pin

Little Nina wanted to jump in the picture.  How could I say no especially when she just got a new haircut?! 


  1. I love the skirt! Gorgeous color...every year at Thanksgiving my kids would dress as Indians for the Thanksgiving feast at school..I would dye my husbands shirts in tea, fray the borders and belt with worked! I never thought of doing it for me....but you have brought that memory back...great idea!

  2. I especially love the little lace bow-such a cute detail!

    Nina's hair is adorable! She should definitely be a mini flapper for Halloween :)

  3. I've been intending to start dying a few things, but I always forget about it! Maybe over the winter....

    Nina looks fab, just like her mom!

  4. Such a pretty girl! She takes after her lovely mom.

    Re: Chanel no. 19 eau de is absolutely beautiful...unusual. Did you order from According to my findings, it is available in the US only on the website, and only in the larger bottle. (Or one can score it on ebay, probably.) That's why I bought mine in Canada- no problem finding it there.

    The new No. 19 Poudre variant is nothing like the classic EDP that I have. It smells pretty's lacking something, I don't know...Just my two cents. :)

    Anyway, let me know what you think of the scent.


  5. Love the tea bag colored t-shirt) I'm a cross-stitcher, and I know that a lot of fellow cross-stitchers use tea and coffee to hand-color the fabrick for embroidery. Never tried it myself, but everyone says that it's much better than buying already colored fabric))

  6. what a cute haircut! my daughter had been begging me for a "salon" haircut, lol!

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